Julie S.

Ottawa, ON

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Restaurant Name City
Mandarin Restaurant Hamilton, ON
The Dinner Buffet here is always fresh and tasty! The staff are very friendly and fast to serve! WONDERFUL spot....I will visit again very soon...
Cafe Rose Camrose, AB
Very nice atmosphere with great service.
Bert's Mountain Mecca Cafe Calgary, AB
Decent meal for ther price and the quality is very good.
Cheesecake Cafe Calgary, AB
Very good place to visit, the ribs were fall off the bone tasty and tender.
Chuckwagon Cafe Turner Valley, AB
Great cheesecake and fantastic nachos, some of the best I have had.
Manor Cafe Edmonton, AB
You cant beat the breakfast portions here, you wont leave hungry by any stretch.
La Brezza Restaurant & Cafe Calgary, AB
Unobtrusive dining with fantastic cheesecake.
Coco Pazzo Italian Cafe Lethbridge, AB
A no rush dining experience. Thge staff were helpful friendly and the food was fantastic.
Highway Traffic Cafe Wainwright, AB
Great service and fantastic food. The only complaint I'd have is it can get a litle noisy at times.
Cactus Club Cafe Calgary, AB
Great to have authentic Lebonese food. Authentic is the key. Good food. Good service.
  • Location Ottawa, ON

  • Level Level 6

  • Points 520