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Restaurant Name City
Del-Co Pizza Delaware, OH
One of the best pizza places in town. Our neighbor orders it every single Sunday for supper and got us turned onto it. While we aren't quite as "dedicated" it is still on the top of our area pizza selections.
Little Mexico Ada, OH
If you don't want to travel very far, then this isn't a bad place to eat. There are better places in Findlay and Lima, but this does in a pinch.
Hickory House Powell, OH
We stopped because we had coupons the first time and went back because of the quality of foods.
Friar Tuck's Fond du Lac, WI
Had our first ever family reunion in Fond du Lac and this is where all the family members took us for our "first meal" in the city. <br> Was so good that they had to convince us NOT to go back for lunch every day. The menu is grea ... more
Rio Hotel Las Vegas, NV
Maybe my expectations were too high. After seeing all the shows on Vegas and that this was the best buffet in town -- I decided to make the walk and enjoy a great meal. <br> Or so I thought. First, the price hit me like a ton of bricks. Loo ... more
Tumbleweed SW Mesquite Grill Heath, OH
The restaurant's atmosphere and people were nice -- pretty standard chain restaurant fare. But the food was okay. Wife liked the shrimp our first trip, didn't reall care for it on our second visit. I had steak the first time and was very unim ... more
Ruby Tuesday Heath, OH
This is one of those chain restaurants that I wonder how it has become so popular. The salad bar is nice, but the rest of the food is average at best. We've had bad experiences at this one on both occasions with the wait staff forgetting us or ou ... more
Hartville Kitchen Hartville, OH
This is a classic "amish style" restaurant that is rare outside of Holmes County. The food is of homemade quality and the desserts are grand. I love the fried chicken and any time I'm in northeast Ohio, this is a must-stop for us. < ... more
Red Lobster Zanesville, OH
We love seafood and on the way back from our honeymoon in Daytona Beach and already missing the beach -- we stopped at Red Lobster in Zanesville. <br> Maybe it was the great meals in Daytona Beach or just this location. But the food was far ... more
Beachy's Country Chalet Sugarcreek, OH
This was a favorite of my college girlfriend's dad...and you know I never complained when he suggested it. <br> The place is clean, the wait staff is usually very good, and the food is almost home made. The Swiss Steak (surprise) is a f ... more
  • Location Delaware, OH

  • Level Level 6

  • Points 630

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