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Food City Rochester, NY
This is a follow-up to my other review. I went to the location for lunch and I am sorry to say that they have CLOSED for good :( It was a good chinese restaurant with promise, plus the only good one in the area that I know of that delivers. If you kn ... more
Distillery Rochester, NY
This place is a combo bar and restaurant. My cousin loves it, so some of my relatives and I went there. It has to much of a bar atmosphere for me. The service was good and the food was fine, but nothing great that I could see. It does seem to be a fr ... more
Waldron's Restaurant Webster, NY
I go there now and then at lunch time for the french onion soup...mmm, very good. I sometimes order the french dip, and other times a salad with chicken. Prices have gone up, but the food I get is good. Service is also good.
Skipper's Landing Restaurant Wolcott, NY
I was here one time and asked for directions because I was lost, I also had lunch. The servers were very nice and friendly and took a lot of time giving directions and making sure I understood. The food was good, service fast and friendly.
Spring House Rochester, NY
Its been years since I have been there. This is one of the historic landmark restaurants and is fancy. Meals are pricey but very good. Shrimp cocktail large and delicious. Service was very good.
Zebb's Deluxe Grill & Bar Rochester, NY
I had lunch here a few times, was not impressed. The place seemed crowded and noisy. Booths seemed to close together, I almost felt like was sitting with the couple near me. Burger was fine but not that great, onion rings were very good so was the sh ... more
Vic & Irv's Refreshments Rochester, NY
This is an staple restaurant in the area, it has been around a long time and well known. It is a old time burger and hot joint. I think they also serve ice cream and free dill pickles. Good for the type of restaurant it is. Have not been there is a f ... more
Daisy Flour Mill Rochester, NY
This is one of the historic restaurants in the area. It is on the fancy side, good food, but high priced. Good to visit at least once. Great for special occasions. I have not eatten there in awhile but not sure of the prices, high the last time I we ... more
Pudgie's Pizza Canandaigua, NY
Good pizza at at good price! They also sell by the slice, which is what I get. A slice of there pizza is larger then most slices I get elsewhere. Great for a fast low priced meal when you are alone or with the family.
Schooners Restaurant Canandaigua, NY
I have heard that there steaks are great so went there to try one. The steak was good, but not great. I went again to see if I was there on an off night, and steak was the same. The service is good and friendly. Nice atmosphere. The place is good, I ... more
  • Location Rochester, NY

  • Level Level 5

  • Points 255

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