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Joe's Dog House Herndon, VA
For cheap eats it's hard to beat Joe's. The dogs are excellent, the brats are very tasty, so's the kielbasa. They even have a veggieburger on the menu in case you bring along that vegetarian friend ! Fill your own soda-pop, great toppi ... more
Backyard Grill & Bar Chantilly, VA
I've only gone to Backyard for lunch. It's a great place to have lunch. There's just enough variety on the menu to keep everyone happy, but the menu is limited enough that you don't spend your entire lunchtime going through it tryin ... more
Hunan Lion Vienna, VA
Hunan Lion is a very good Chinese restaurant. The menu has a lot of what you'd expect and a few things besides, especially in the Seafood section. I thought their Hot & Sour soup was one of the best I've had in the area, the Chicken Hun ... more
Old Brogue Irish Pub Great Falls, VA
Each time I've eaten here it's always been a part of the Winter Celtic Concert on the non-smoking side of the house. I did enjoy the Shepard's Pie and the Fish & Chips in the past. The food along with the great beer, pub atmosphere ... more
Amphora Vienna, VA
Years ago this was the place to come grab something to eat at 3AM after partying was done for the night. They always had great sandwiches, gyros, etc. As you can tell by the name, the food has a Greek slant to it. The American fare that they have ... more
Uno's Chicago Grill Reston, VA
I've only gone to Uno's for lunch. The sandwiches are excellent, and the pizza's are pretty good. For a pizzaria I'd have expected better, and some people I know swear these are great pizza's -- but they're just not quite wh ... more
The Vienna Inn Vienna, VA
If you're looking for hot dogs and chili, the VI is a great place to go. Get their early or late because it does tend to get packed at lunchtime. Yes, the service is surly -- but that's one of the main attractions. At this point, the waitr ... more
Barefoot Pelican Grill & Bar Sterling, VA
Good music, nice location (we need more places for bands to play in this area). We've gone here for lunch several times and if it were less smokey I might have enjoyed the food a lot more. If they turned it into a non-smoking eatery at lunch an ... more
Fuddruckers Annandale, VA
This was the first Fudd's I'd gone to and we used to visit this location from Reston -- now there's one in Herndon too. The food is great at either location. If you like burgers they make good ones, and I like their pub fries and they ... more
Tgi Friday's Herndon, VA
Hmm, I've never had problems with the service here, though I've only eaten there 10-15 times so far. The menu used to be a bit better, but it's still passable now. The menu is pretty much the same as Bennigan's and Ruby Tuesday' ... more
  • Location Reston, VA

  • Level Level 4

  • Points 130

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