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Restaurant Name City
Omlette House Chicago, IL
Excellent I'm not usually a breakfast person.... but their omlettes... Terrific!!
Two Fools Cafe And Market Half Moon Bay, CA
The dinner menu also looks appropriate and tasty. On weekends, especially on any sunny day, the place is generally full,
Lim's Cafe Redding, CA
Favorite chinese Restaurant, and she knew her Chinese food!Check out the fantastic Egg Foo Young, or Chow Mien Specials! ALSO Full Service Bar
Cafe Brioche Palo Alto, CA
Little Bistro-syle restaurant that serves somewhat trendy, but good, well prepared and tasty food.
Joanie's Cafe Palo Alto, CA
They will make the food to your request (a boon for us allgery ridden people). The egg scramble with spinach and mushroom is really quite good. However, pass on the lemonaide
Woods Creek Cafe Jamestown, CA
Best Potato Macaroni salad ever tasted. Always busy especially at breakfast. Not a lot of tables but not a big wait either
Prolific Oven Palo Alto, CA
They have the best carrot cake anywhere. As a coffee house, it lacks some ambiance, but it gets the job done
Moosse Cafe Mendocino, CA
There are some beautiful ocean and village views from some of the tables, and others face the gorgeous gardens.
Blue Chalk Cafe Palo Alto, CA
There are a few pool tables, suitable for flirting and showing off, as well as afront patio and upstairs bar. The downstairs area has a fireplace. Staff are friendly, attentive butalways busy.
Zuni Cafe San Francisco, CA
It has a (generally) hip clientele and great food. The service is on the snooty side. You must have oysters at Zuni and, while some people thing the Caesar Salad is overhyped,
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