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I travel for a living...about 32 weeks a year. I try to sample the local cuisine in each city/town. I generally include only the best and worst in my reviews. Rarely a chain restaurant or fast food (I generally hate both) unless they are really outstanding.
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Dolly's Restaurant Frenchville, ME
The name Frenchville wasn't chosen by chance. The residents speak Acadian French, for the most-part, and the cuisine here reflects the culture. This is the place for ployes (rhymes with "boys"), a regional buckwheat pancake with a twi ... more
D'imperio's Restaurant and Courtyard Cafe Pittsburgh, PA
I am extremely impressed with the quality of cuisine at this upscale restaurant. Everything is made fresh. The pastas are excellent: try the crepe style mannicoti. The salmon is excellent, served with a delicate dill sauce. In short, everything i ... more
Spinners' Seafood and Steak Chophouse Gold Beach, OR
I was somewhat impressed with this very busy restaurant. The food quality, for the most part, was consistantly good with adequate portions. The atmosphere was dressy-casual. I wouldn't feel comfortable there in shorts and a t-shirt, but would be ... more
Wong's Cafe Gold Beach, OR
Looking for authentic Chinese cuisine? Go somewhere else! This americanized restaurant serves the same gloppy/sweet-sour pap that passes as Chinese food in most towns. The service, while friendly, was hit and miss. I had to ask for utensils. I rece ... more
Nor' Wester Seafood Gold Beach, OR
This restaurant has a good location right on the water. Nice views of the ocean. Of course, the menu is mainly seafood. Everything I have tried is excellent and nicely prepared and served. The wine list is acceptable. Full service bar is also avail ... more
Spada's At Gold Beach Gold Beach, OR
This is a fine example of a restaurant that tries to please all tastes, and, in doing so, becomes mediocre. Upon entering, I thought that this was an Italian restaurant. Yet there are lots of oriental decorations, along with seafood motifs etc. It i ... more
Ocean City Restaurant Seattle, WA
I am addicted to Dim Sum and try to eat it wherever I travel. Ocean City is the best I know of on the west coast. I've tried many other dim sum restaurants in Vancouver, Toronto, San Francisco, LA, etc., They don't compare with the authenti ... more
Port Hole Cafe Gold Beach, OR
I've been to this restaurant a few times. It is reliable with OK entrees and salads. The place is clean and the service is average, not fast or extremely slow. The pies are varied and tasty. This is your basic cafe, nothing fancy, no great cui ... more
Smokin' Joes Elkins, WV
I drove by this place twice. It really didn't look like the kind of place that would serve anything but greasy BBQ. Boy was I wrong! Not only is the food excellent, the colorful personalities of the owner, waitstaff and guests round out the exp ... more
Pepe's Fairview Inn Bridgeville, PA
Lots of sandwiches and italian specialties. Large portions and great service. May be a little hard to find at night. I drove by it the first time I went there. Good food at reasonable prices.
  • Location Kuna, ID

  • Age 65

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  • Level Level 6

  • Points 540

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