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Restaurant Name City
Damon's Kokomo, IN
Very good food. Ribs voted best in Kokomo and quite tasty. Wait staff aims to please. Kid friendly with Kids night on Wednesday and .99 menu.
El Arrieo Kokomo, IN
This restaurant has good service and good food. They also have a childs menu with burgers for the picky ones! They will be moving to a new location across the street which will be great because the present location is small.
Pastarrific Restaurant Kokomo, IN
Good food, great salads and bread. I agree that service is slow, not always worth the wait. Better to go when it's not busy.
Ruby Tuesday Kokomo, IN
Not as impressed with this particular Ryans as others. Steaks weren't as tasty as they should have been and the mega salad bar left much to be desired in flavor.
King Buffet Kokomo, IN
Three buffet tables. Two of Chinese food and one of a combination of different foods. Food hot and fresh. Staff is helpful and prompt.
Angi's Restaurant Dayton, OH
Nice little homestyle atmosphere. They are known for their cabbage rolls. Yummy!
Buckhorn Tavern Dayton, OH
Dinner crowd is a little rowdy and it is loud but the food is good. Wonderful steaks
Dominic's Italian & American Dayton, OH
Food is average and service below average. House dressing (garlic) is delicious though!
El Grecos' Pizza Villa Dayton, OH
Salad dressing is wonderful. Don't live close by anymore but if I'm in the area, it is definitely somewhere I'd go during the day.
Fricker's Restaurant Dayton, OH
Very good. The chicken chunks come with a choice of sauces, mild, hot, little kicker and killer sauce. Mild and hot usually slide off with the butter but the little kickers are just that! Bar atmosphere and service is average.
  • Location Kokomo, IN

  • Level Level 3

  • Points 95