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El Chico's Texarkana, AR
This is a very good family mexican food restaurant. Good food and prices. Family atmosphere.
Catfish King Restaurant Texarkana, TX
A good place to eat. I would like it better if you sat down and were waited on. That is part of eating out. I use their drive thru alot. Very good fish. Very good with the lunch crowd.
Julie's Deli Texarkana, TX
They are usually only open for the lunch crowd. But have good deli sandwichs and they are known for their delicious cheesecakes.
Rawleigh's Family Restaurant Texarkana, TX
Good Food and Good Service. They have been in service for alot of years. They have the best old fashion cherry cokes in town. The old drug store taste.
Rigatoni's Pizza Texarkana, TX
Good Pizza. Nice place to take a break from shopping since it is located in the mall.
Shorty's Southernmaid Donut Texarkana, TX
Good Food and service. They are really busy for the breakfast crowd. Best donuts in town. A meeting place in the morning for alot of retired people plus, postmen, etc. taking their morning breaks.
Special Events On-Boulevard Texarkana, TX
As you can tell from the name, it is a place for special events. Everything from weddings, proms, etc. to meetings and such.
Arizona Family Buffet & Store Texarkana, AR
This is a very good place to eat. Good food, down home cooking. I would recommend it.
Brangus Feed Lot Texarkana, AR
This is a very good family oriented place to eat. Very relaxed. You are served peanuts to eat while you wait on your order and you can throw your shells on the floor. Kids always think this is very cool thing to be able to do.
Cattleman's Steak House Texarkana, AR
This is one of the older, better restaurants in town. Very good steaks and seafood. Type of place you would like to go for an anniversary or special occasion.
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