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Arbuckles Eatery Stevens Point, WI
Italian fries with or without cheese are great. friday fish fries are good. most other food average. however they do a nice job delivering sandwiches (chicken, burguer, etc.) for group lunches (10 or so at a time)
Bill's Pizza Shop Stevens Point, WI
it you like really thin pizza crust, bill's can't be beat. people who aren't used to the super thin crust usually feel ripped off. prices for pizza are high for the amount you get. shreeded beef sandwiches are good, ,, they're the kind made in pickle ... more
Mickey's Stevens Point, WI
very good steaks. i recommend either the tenderloin special or steak and shrimp. if you go on friday, the shrimp fry is a good bargain. 6 large butterfly shrimp, not the tiny popcorn ones.
Red Mill Country Inn Stevens Point, WI
good food, usually crowded with locals whcih is a good sign of good food. closed mondays. known around here for their prime rib. i've tried different specials and always good.
Silver Coach Stevens Point, WI
pricey. save this one for a special occasion. food is great. the steak is served in a wonderful sauce (can't remember the name...sorry) the peri peri pizza is a fantastic appetizer - VERY spicy but not the kind of spicy that upsets your stomach - tha ... more
Springville Wharf Restaurant Plover, WI
noisy, family restaurant during the dinner hour but the AWESOME italian fries with cheese. well worth the noise or just go at an off tiem. i've found sat aft to be good. very good pizza also. lots and lots of cheese!
Hilltop Pub & Grill Stevens Point, WI
one of the best friday fish fries around. remember this is a bar but it does have a separate dining area. it you mind the bar atmosphere, it's a good choice
Prime Quarter Steak House Green Bay, WI
this is a group atmosphere kind of place. pick your own steak and grill at the communal grills. lots of fun if you go with a group of people. not the kind of place for an intimate dinner. lots and lots of choices of meat and seafood. you pick you own ... more
Green Bay Pizza Co Green Bay, WI
good thick crust pizza. fills you up without feeling bloated-full. we were there on a friday in lent (remember this is wisconsin) and the fish fries were popular, apparently many regulars
Zorba's Madison, WI
good gyros. i haven't tried anything else 'cuz i always make a special trip to get a gyro. (i live 75 miles away)
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