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Pasta Loft Restaurant & Pub Milford, NH
I had heard good things about this place since I moved to NH, and had time to check it out in early April. It's OK, but just OK, I'm sorry to say. Service was very disinterested and slow, my chicken quesadilla was so-so, and cost $6.95, which ... more
Weathervane Bedford, NH
I have lived in NH for 2 years, and drive by this restaurant in Bedford quite often, but have never been inside. On the way home yesterday, I was starving and decided I should try it as I had time to kill. It was quite OK, but nothing special. The pe ... more
Long Trail Brewing Company Bridgewater Corners, VT
I visited here with my German friend who's a Brewmaster in his hometown of Heidelberg. While he got a private tour of this lovely private brewery, I killed time eating. There are specials every day, and this time there was a cheddar cheese soup m ... more
Wok Wok Milford, NH
Wok Wok is squeezed in between a Brooks Drug Store and a dry cleaner, I think, and I almost missed it. The people here are very nice, and food preparation is fast. Unlike other Chinese restaurants I've encountered, this place doesn't have a b ... more
Chiangmai Thai Restaurant Amherst, NH
I love the food here, but find the opening hours erratic. The rice dishes are nice, but I wish they could be hotter (temperature, not spice). The waitstaff is very friendly, and they have a full bar. This place serves lunch and dinner when it's o ... more
Blake's Ice Cream Restaurant Milford, NH
Blake's just won the 2006 "Best Hard Ice Cream" award given by New Hampshire magazine, as voted on by readers. I never got to try to ice cream, so will have to go back. I had a quick lunch there, which was OK, but just OK. The coffee wa ... more
Riverhouse Cafe Milford, NH
I've been coming here since 2004 when I was house-hunting and didn't want breakfast or lunch @ a Burger King. My realtor at the time brought me here, and I'm now a repeat offender. This pleasant establishment is run by a husband-and-wife ... more
Cafe On the Oval Milford, NH
This place is a hit with locals and passers-through. Sunday is tremendously crowded, when families gather for breakfast/brunch/you name it. Portions are large, and the coffee is OK. I took a German friend with me to the Oval, and he still raves about ... more
The Dream Diner Tyngsboro, MA
I really wanted to like this place, truly, but my first visit there wasn't that good, so I'm on the fence until I go back again. I took a German friend with me because he likes the American Diner culture. Although the place wasn't crowded ... more
Big a Pizza Milford, NH
The "Big A" is run by a very nice guy from Morocco and his other associates, and you'd never know the guy ain't Italian, because he sure can cook! One can buy a whole pizza or by-the-slice. There are also hot and cold sandwiches, pa ... more
  • Location Amherst, NH

  • Gender Female

  • Level Level 6

  • Points 650