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Restaurant Name City
Dockside Restaurant Murrells Inlet, SC
This was our favorite place during our last vacation..we ate here three times!The starters are fantastic.I highly recommend the bacon wrapped shrimp.For a entree the prize goes to the grouper.So good.But then everything we tried was.The service was w ... more
Harbor Restaurant Somerset, KY
This place is beautiful for an outside meal.Great view looking over the marina.My pick of the food is the sinful salad...delish!It has field greens, bacon, tomatoes, turkey, blue cheese, etc. with a balsamic vigerette.Ialso highly recommend the spina ... more
Sugar Shack Somerset, KY
Very good cheese danish and the coffee is really tasty too.Service is always friendly but it could use a cleaning.
Donatos Pizza Somerset, KY
This is one of the cleanest restaurants I have ever eaten in.The service is top notch...very friendly.Try the Bread Sticks with Cheese....they are heavenly!My favorite pizza is the thin crust cheese with ground beef, mushrooms, and onions...oh and ba ... more
Cliff Hagans Hazard, KY
The steaks here are always perfect....just the way you ask for them to be fixed.The salad bar is always fresh and very tasty.I love the appetizers too.Lunch is also a good choice, the ribeye sandwich is good.
Reno's Roadhouse Hazard, KY
I thought the food was overcooked and service was slow.The food was just not very good. On the upside it was very clean, but you have to go through the hotel to the bathroom!
Outback Steakhouse Lexington, KY
The food was fine but the wait was awful. The quality of the food does not equal the wait.
Back Yard Burgers Lexington, KY
I still remember the 1st time I tried Backyard Burger... a boyfriend took me about 10 years ago in Chattanoga Tn.I lost the boyfriend but never the taste for Backyard Burgers.The best burger you can get out.
Don Pablo's Lexington, KY
Ok for chain food but I wasn't impressed enough to ever go back. THE DECOR IS NICE, BUT IS THAT WHY YOU GO OUT TO EAT?
Carcker Barrel Corbin, KY
I really like this location.The food always seems really fresh.The sandwiches on lightly seared sourdough bread are very good.I also like the chicken fried chicken and the daily special of chicken and dressing is yummy.Service is hit and miss.
  • Location Hazard, KY

  • Level Level 3

  • Points 70