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Great Vegi Land Sunnyvale, CA
A GREAT "find"! I liked the "Orange Beef" best, made totally mild. It actually tastes like delicious pot roast! Fried Rice great too. I'll be going back to try more dishes!
FAZ Sunnyvale, CA
We ate here about a 1/2 year ago. From what I remember, it was OK/fine. Elegant. Didn't have the assortment platters we like (Pharaos in Orange, CA). *BUT*, try the Mideastern place at Fremont & Saratoga-Sunnyvale Ave, near the 24HR Natalus. It i ... more
Fresh Choice Sunnyvale, CA
OK, but Sweet Tomatoes (Lawrence & Kifer, at Price Club) is MUCH better! (and costs less w/ coupon)
Sahari Sunnyvale, CA
Excellent! The ?owner? (who seems to be the main waiter) is very accomodating about making whatever we wanted. We liked the assortment platters best. Also the item (don't remember name) that is like a falaffel pancake.
Sweet Tomatoes Sunnyvale, CA
How could anyone not go here... ;-) Salad is the "healthiest"... Plus, they have GREAT soups! Infinately better than Fresh Choice's watery soups. Esp. the Clam Chowder. Pastas add to variety. Look for the tasty rice (near soup) Go at "off-peak" ti ... more
Tio Felipes Taqueria Sunnyvale, CA
Great! Large portions, tasty, low price. Veg. or chicken burrito is about $3 and HUGE! Several other people at my work LOVE this place. (don't confuse it with the other Mexican place a few doors down)
Togo's Sunnyvale, CA
Togos' are all good. WAY better than Subway! I always get #14 (hummus) on wheat, with mustard (NOT mayo). I guess that makes them a Veg. / Mid Eastern restaurant ;-)
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