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Restaurant Name City
Rudy's Diner Clarksville, TN
nice service, pleasant people, clean bathrooms no pine oil smell that usually chokes you when walking thru the door , clean booths prompt service the food was very tasty drinks were fresh
Catfish House Clarksville, TN
employees are wonderful my 2 yr old was geting cranky my waitress brought him things to make him happy so i could finish , very good food fast service even on over crowded days alwasy kept the drinks filled , keeps a clean restaraunt
Wilson's Catfish Saint Bethlehem, TN
not very friendly i heard a waitress remark about a lady with 3 kids and not wanting the table b/c she didnt think they would tip i told the mamger he said i must of heard wrong the service was sloppy the drinks were stale no coffee was offered the f ... more
Chef Chan's Beijing Restaurant Clarksville, TN
they have a good seafood buffet but they dont keep it going they let things run out and not refill them for awhile and wehn somethings come out they are hard and water soaked from sitting in the back to long
China Star Restaurant Clarksville, TN
crab legs are a plus they were fresh and cooked right not water logged like some places do food was good drinks fresh service pleasant clean restaraunt
El Toro Mexican Restaurant Clarksville, TN
good food clean buffett cant understand some of the employees there accent is deep {spanish} drinks stayed filled good place to take the family there friendly to kids
B & M Dairy Freeze Dover, TN
i usually only get a milkshake or something of ice cream but there vanilla has a rich creamy taste you can really taste that vanilla bean no imatations clean place nice to take family
  • Location clarksville, TN

  • Level Level 2

  • Points 35