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Restaurant Name City
Hangen Szechuan Restaurant Mountain View, CA
Clean setting, good lunch specials. Good place to take co-workers to introduce them to Chinese food. I think they are a little on the pricey side for dinners.
Rogers Deli& Donuts Mountain View, CA
I have not tried teir donuts, but I go there all the time for lunch. They have great club sandwiches. Fast service.
Saigon City Restaurant San Mateo, CA
Great food, great ice coffee, and good pho. It is a small restaurant, busy at lunch, you can pick your own table for dinner.
Viet Hung San Mateo, CA
This place is closed on Monday's. The service does not excist. The rice plates are great.
ABC seafood restaurant San Mateo, CA
Busy during lunch. Get a lot of food for the price. I think think this is the best deal in the bay for Dim Sum.
Little Szechuan Restaurant San Mateo, CA
Nice setting in San Mateo, crowded during dinner and weekend. You almost have to push you way in. The food is average, and pricey.
Windy City Pizza San Mateo, CA
They have the best Chicago pizza on the Peninsula. I had there Chicago meat combo, and it is fantastic.
Avanti Pizza & Pasta San Mateo, CA
Their pizza is greasy, and sometimes they do not put on a lot of toppins. They have one of the best chees cakes.
Zachary's Chicago Pizza Berkeley, CA
The best in the bay, hands down. This place is always crowded and hard to find parking.
Sun Hong Kong Restaurant Berkeley, CA
They are open late. They are willing to make custom food, a little greasy. Little expensive. Hard to find parking. I always take my wife to get the food while I circle the block.
  • Location Mountain View, CA

  • Level Level 3

  • Points 55