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Restaurant Name City
Grand Buffet Restaurant & Bar South Plainfield, NJ
a pricier buffet restaurant but so worth it. i think its always great food there, but better food there at dinner time. fresher.
Meiling Shanghai Restaurant Metuchen, NJ
known to be the best chinese food around, seriously. everyone knows of this place and its excellent food.
Jade Dynasty Edison, NJ
excellent chinese food! always fresh and tastes great. nice dining experience.
Jack Cooper's Celebrity Deli Edison, NJ
very expensive items on their menu, but always known to be excellent in their quality and taste.
Edison Diner Edison, NJ
everything is very good. the omelettes are filled tons with whatever you ask for, so if you dont like that much in the omelette remember that.
Plaza Diner Edison, NJ
nice dining room, but not good service at all in my opinion...from lots of times going there.
Cerami's Italian Restaurant Fords, NJ
the best italian food around. i love this place. i highly recommend it. great food! great service!
Tokyo Japanese Restaurant Edison, NJ
what a great place to go to experience excellent food, service, and entertainment. they cook your habachi dinner right in front of you. cant get any fresher than that. excellent!! try the scallops.
Hometown Buffet Edison, NJ
hubby doesnt like it, but its pretty good in my opinion. nothing outrageous or anything, but good.
Szechwan Gourmet New Brunswick, NJ
absolutely wonderful time and great place to dine. voted the best chinese food, and we really know why. excellent food, service and prices.