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The Flying Saucer San Francisco, CA
It's on the corner of Guerrrero and it's the sort of place you might stumble upon while looking for a place like Le Trou. Fairly small, with 19 tables and an upstairs lavatory which they'll let suitably qualified diners use (?) We ate at the bar, ... more
Bella Vista Restaurant San Mateo, CA
It's half a mile from my house. I usually spend between $200 and $300 when I go there. Majorly special. Don't take your date - take the woman you plan to marry. Or man. Or dog/other domestic species. Whatever you do, ensure you order a souffle - th ... more
Kaimuki Grill San Mateo, CA
My mate Manuel spent a couple of years in Japan learning how to kill people with swords and things. He reckons Kaimuki Grill is the best sushi place he's eaten outside of Japan. I haven't killed many people, nor dined extensively in Japan (I belie ... more
Lhasa Moon San Francisco, CA
Great Tibetian food - spicy and tasty. We ordered vegetarian dishes, and since we didn't know what to get, the waiter brought us out a selection. Parking, as ever, is a bitch; but there's a parking building around the corner on Pierce. Go.
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