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Steak And Ale Restaurants Eastside Indianapolis, IN
Management makes all the difference in every steak-n-ale statewide...this one use to be the best until their mgmnt got smart and went to O'Charley's.......Food can be delicious and very appetizing if staff are trained the way steak-n-ale recommends.. ... more
T.g.i. Friday's Indianapolis, IN
Great atmosphere for family or business and even a first date the food is delicious and comes in a wide variety to satisfy all tastes
Time Out Lounge Indianapolis, IN
Other than the drinks the free popcorn is terrific..otherwise I have never been ther when the cook is actually on duty....
Charlie & Barney's Bar & Grill Indianapolis, IN
Personally know the management and find their experience definitely shows in the quality
Dutch Oven Eating Place Bakery Indianapolis, IN
Down home quality with a variety of foods as well as bakery items that are excellent
Egg Roll Number 2 Indianapolis, IN
One of the best in oriental foods with great eggrolls which are very hard to come by....shrimp fried rice is excellent
Friday's Restaurant Indianapolis, IN
Expensive for american "cuisine" but also offers much more but made to cater for business lunches and defnitely not the kids
Garden On The Green Restaurant Indianapolis, IN
Wrong location for the price and excellence of their dining pleasure....not meant for a family affair maybe an arternoon rendezvous
Gary's Bar & Restaurant Indianapolis, IN
Private with excellent food for a hard to find hole in the corner of the intersection
Hooters Restrnt Castleton Indianapolis, IN
Entree does not incllude drinks which is a must in this exquisite narray of down home girls dressed to impress
  • Location Terre Haute, IN

  • Level Level 3

  • Points 80