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Restaurant Name City
Henninger's Tavern Baltimore, MD
A well kept secret, this small restaurant features excellent and exciting entrees that are not what you expect when you think of bars with restaurants. The menu seems as fresh as the food they prepare and changes frequently. You won't be disappointe ... more
The Prime Rib Baltimore, MD
The second best restaurant in Baltimore (there's no shame in being #2 to Harbor Court's #1). The Prime Rib's food is consistently excellent, the atmosphere (once inside the restaurant) is elegent and the service is superior. They manage to give that ... more
The Peppermill Restaurant Towson, MD
The Peppermill is one of those phenomenoms--fairly average fare, but always crowded. The Peppermill serves standard American fare but does it very well. The service is consistently good as well. For a meat and potatoes place, it's one of the better ... more
Soupmasters Restaurant Towson, MD
If you're ever in the mood for some soup (cold, rainy day; feeling under the weather) this is the place for you. They feature a wide variety of excellent, homemade soups every day. Get yours in the bread boule and you'll be pleased. For soup it seems ... more
Troia's Cafe Towson, MD
Let me say up front, Troia's has excellent food. In fact, you will be hard pressed to find any better in the area. Not only well done, but very imaginative as well. Unfortunately, the ambiance leaves a little to be desired and the exceedingly slowwww ... more
Manor Tavern Restaurant Sparks Glencoe, MD
An excellent country-side setting for what is an overall average restaurant. A typical American fare, meat and potatoes and crab cakes place, it's a little crowded, and a lot noisy. Think of this as a decent bar with decent food and you'll know what ... more
Treehouse Restaurant & Lounge Cockeysville, MD
For some reason this place tends to be a default choice when people can't think of anywhere else to go. The food is good enough but the atmospehere is terrible (a bar is cafe'e clothing) and the service is slow (if you're going as part of a group bi ... more
Obrycki's Crab House Baltimore, MD
If you're looking for the ultimate Baltimore seafood restaurant, look no further. They generally do everything very well and the seafood is always fresh and very well prepared. Obrycki's has some of the best crabs that you'll find in a restaurant lik ... more
Gt Pizza Lutherville Timonium, MD
A good pizza delivery place that also has pretty good subs and sandwiches. The pizzas can be a bit inconsistent, but the meatball subs are usually excellent. Pretty good when you're looking for that change of pace (that delivers).
Crack Pot Seafood Rstrnt Baltimore, MD
If you're looking for a place with really good steamed crabs and you don't care about atmosphere, this is the place. Not real big, and certainly nothing fancy, but the crabs are consistently good (and you pretty much get what they promise when it com ... more
  • Location Towson, MD

  • Level Level 4

  • Points 120