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Juban San Francisco, CA
I went to Juban with a friend recently, and neither one of us was disappointed. We each ordered the dinner special which came with soup, salad, a variety of vegetables, three different types of meat for BBQing, and of course, rice. The service was v ... more
Szechuan Taste Restaurant San Francisco, CA
I went with a group from work last week, and none of us left hungry. We were 12 in all, and the bill came to only $75.00! We sampled a variety of dishes ranging from fried catfish and stuffed tofu to the more common sweet and sour pork and egg rolls ... more
Hong Kong Flower Lounge Restaurant Millbrae, CA
After looking at this grand restaurant for several years, I finally decided to try it. The decor is elegant and the staff is attentive. I was lucky to have a Chinese speaking friend with me, so we were able to order from the Chinese menu. We had a ... more
Speckmann's San Francisco, CA
Speckmann's is a hidden treasure in Noe Valley. I have been going to Speckmann's regularly for years, and in my opinion, it is one of the best German restaurants in San Francisco. The atmosphere is quite homey, and the service is very attentive. Whi ... more
House of Nan King San Francisco, CA
Ever since House of Nanking was featured in that commercial, I have heard nothing but great things about it, but I was very disappointed with the food, atmosphere, and service. I went in the late afternoon on a Sunday, so I did not have to wait in t ... more
Lhasa Moon San Francisco, CA
I want to Lhasa Moon a few days ago, and I was let down. I have always heard great things about this restaurant, so I was expecting a good meal. I ordered chicken and vegetable curry plus the assorted momo plate. The vegetable curry was blan ... more
Christophe Restaurant Francais Sausalito, CA
I first went to Christophe's in August, and I have gone back at least once a month since then. The best advice I can give to any- one who wants to try Christophe's is to make a reservation. The restaurant fills quickly, and unfortunately, walk-ins c ... more
Joy Restaurant San Mateo, CA
I found this restaurant by accident, and believe me, I am very glad I did. The restaurant is small and located in a shopping center along the bay. If possible, try to order from the Chinese menu, but if you are not with anyone who understands Mandar ... more
Suppenkueche Restaurant San Francisco, CA
I can always count on a good meal at Suppenkuche. I have been going there regularly for some time now. It is always a good idea to get there early if you do not want to wait for a table, but even if you do have to, don't fret-- try one of the many ... more
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