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Gutierrez Family Drive-In Salinas, CA
Good fresh seafood dishes (Crab, Shrimp, and whatever fish are landed nearby) dominate the substantial menu, which exists only surrounding the counter where one orders. For many years, my family's favorites have been the chicharrones, chile verdes, ... more
Britt Maries Restaurant Albany, CA
One of the finest eateries to survive more than a decade or two or three in the most competitive landscape. Great roasted chicken dishes, and a friendly atmosphere. It's much better than Fat Apples, which is a good place. And far better than mo ... more
Gion Restaurant Albany, CA
Gion is gone. Another Japanese restaurant occupies this address now. It is much improved.
Highland Cafe Albany, CA
The same place as Daniel's and every bit as gone. The space has yet to be redeployed.
Khayyam's Chelo Kabab Albany, CA
The beef was tough, the lamb beyond its apex, the chicken (?) questionable. The ambiance is pleasant enought, while the wait staff could benefit from genuine training. My wife was ill for days. My children were less generous in their assessm ... more
Sun Hong Kong Restaurant Oakland, CA
Open until 3 a.m., it's one of the best late night eateries in the East Bay. Similar to the Sun Hong Kongs of San Francisco and Berkeley. I go for the Prawns Saday Chow Fun, Salty Spicy Pork Chop, Eggplant Clay Pot, and Fried Rice. The seafood is ... more
Guaymas Belvedere Tiburon, CA
On the Ferry dock, it's a great stop between San Francisco and Angel Island. On a warm, clear, sunny day/night you can enjoy the view of San Francisco across the bay from the dock level and the balcony decks. On a cool night, a seat near (but not t ... more
Abc Seafood San Mateo, CA
This place is actually in Foster City, near San Mateo. Unfortunately, the system does not have Foster City in the Restaurant City pull down for reviewers. ABC Seafood has the tanks, the carts, the cooks, and the massive square-footage t ... more
Oishii San Francisco, CA
Great sit down and carry out lunches. Bento boxes of many combinations are very good, but I like the real crab california rolls, salads, and miso soup. The Sumo Burger is real Angus beef and hard to beat.
The Great China Berkeley, CA
I have known the owner, Michael Yu, for seven years and eaten in his restaurant for twenty years. It's been very good for a very long time. One of the best dishes is the Mu-Shu Dungeness Crab. Another is the Garlic sauteed baby snow pea sprouts. ... more
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