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Murrell's Shreveport, LA
You have never had Southern Food until you've eaten at Murrell's. This unpretentious diner features the best breakfast in the most comfortable, down-home atmosphere; you'll believe you stepped back in time 30 years when you walk in the door. The fo ... more
Shoneys Bossier City, LA
Shoney's is, in essence, Denny's in the South. You never escape the fact that you're eating in a plastic restaurant food that is designed to be inexpensive, quickly-prepared, and appealing to the masses. For the price, the food is passable if unrem ... more
Waffle House Bossier City, LA
Waffle House is cheap, and that's about all there is going for it. You can get breakfast here for under $5, but you get what you pay for. The waffles are very small (as are the portions of all the food) and completely tasteless. Grits -- the quint ... more
Cask 'n Cleaver Victorville, CA
Cask 'n Cleaver used to be one of the top restaurants in Victorville. The unique menus were painted on used wine bottles, and the atmosphere was upscale but cozy. When we were young, my new wife and I would go to Cask 'n Cleaver for special occasion ... more
Don's Family Restaurant Victorville, CA
Don's has been around in Victorville for quite awhile, and it shows. It's no longer in the nicer part of town, since the town has built up so much on the southern end, and the building is older and can't escape looking somewhat tired. But the food ... more
El Tio Pepe Mexican Restaurant Victorville, CA
I only ate at El Tio Pepe's once, several years ago. The food was good, but the service was sub-standard. There was a dispute over my order and the manager got involved and was so arrogant and abrasive that I never went back. People still love the ... more
Green Tree Inn Victorville, CA
The Green Tree Inn is typical of restaurants connected to hotels: the decor is overstated and the food is overpriced. Not that the food is bad -- it isn't -- but if you're willing to leave the hotel, you can find food of similar quality (or better) ... more
John's Pizza Pasta Prlr Victorville, CA
John's is a unique restaurant, perfect for family outings or informal lunches. They have the widest variety of pizza around -- even a peanut butter variety. They serve delicious bread sticks with a variety of dipping sauces; you can make a meal on ... more
El Charro Avitia Ridgecrest, CA
I have to agree with the previous reviewer that El Charro Avitia is just about the worst Mexican restaurant I have ever visited (curiously enough, the very worst Mexican restaurant is also in Ridgecrest, but it's not listed here; just as well, there ... more
Nickoletti's Ridgecrest, CA
Nickoletti's appears to be cut from the same mold as the Graziano's in Mojave and Lancaster. Decor is identical, and the menu is pretty much the same. The food at Nickoletti's is pretty good for the price, though the service can get a little slow d ... more
  • Location Mojave, CA

  • Level Level 5

  • Points 225