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Restaurant Name City
Waffle House Venice, FL
Waffle House is a good place to eat if you want to sit and wait. They offer a good combination of hash browns. I go for the breakfast. My husband however goes for the burgers. If there are more than 5 people in the place be prepared to wait a lon ... more
Buddy Freddys Country Buffet Venice, FL
Very large varity of foods. Good place to dine if you have both meat eaters and vegins. Good Family atmosphere!
Wee Blew Inn Restaurant Venice, FL
After moving to Venice 4 years ago, we decided to dine at Wee Blew Inn on Friday Fish night. It was the worst dining experience I ever had. The Fish was dry and over breaded. The corn looked like it was last weeks, and the service totally sucked! ... more
Saltwater Cafe Venice, FL
Very good atmosphere! Excellent appetizers! Great Drinks! I would very much recommend Saltwater Cafe to all that visit the Venice area!
Marker IV Oyster Bar Venice, FL
Very large portions, so when you visit, BE HURGRY! They have an outside deck with intertainment on the weekends, and a great view of the bay. If you lucky you will see dolphins! Marker IV is one place that I would recommend to visitors.
British Open Pub Venice, FL
Very Good! Many beers to choose from. Pizzas are Great. Better be hungry.... portions are big.
Gourmet Bagel Jackson, MI
I visited the Gourmet Bagel while vacationing in July. It was great!! Great surroundings, Fast service and Great Food. They had a choice of Soups and coffees. I give this place 5 stars!!
  • Location Venice, FL

  • Level Level 2

  • Points 35

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