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Cafe Figaro Burlingame, CA
We have been going to this unpretenious Italian restaurant for about three years, and the food has always been excellent! A fairly standard menu, but the quality is very good and it is never particularly crowded. My husband is fond of the soups an ... more
The Cakery Burlingame, CA
Yes, a truly superb bakery with wonderful cakes. However, unlike the cake department in Draeger's in San Mateo, the ingredients are not listed for each item. I am allergic to coconut and the wonderful carrot cake was full of coconut. At least my h ... more
Sushi Main Street Half Moon Bay, CA
This is simply the best sushi I have ever had, including some pretty special sushi restaurants in Hawaii and California. I am a fan of unagi and there are several rolls here that make choosing only one difficult. Right now my favorite rolls are the ... more
El Gran Amigo Taqueria Moss Beach, CA
A good place when you want a quick and filling meal and are in the neighborhood. The carnitas ARE good, but I wish the nachos were better. You certainly will not leave hungry.
Paul & Barbara's Fish Trap El Granada, CA
This is our favorite seafood restaurant on the coastside. Maybe not as elegant as some (plastic tablecloths), but the food is much better and much more consistant. Yes, there is a lot of fried food, but the fresh steamed crab in season is heavenly ... more
Moon Bay El Granada, CA
Sigh, the best Chinese food on the Coastside, but that's not saying much. Dishes are a bit heavy with celery (I'd rather have bok choy), but generally tasty enough. The constant "special", Honey Walnut Prawns can be pretty good most times. Potstick ... more
La Playa Pacifica, CA
This is really a great Mexican restaurant and bar. The decor is strictly surf city and dark, so we do order take out a lot, but everything here is GREAT. We love the nachos and the carne asada is much better than most. My husband's favorite is the ... more
Taco Bell Pacifica, CA
OK, you have to give this chain restaurant an extra star just for the location. How many times can you scarf down a cheap taco and gaze at surfers and other beach goers? Better views than many, many oceanside restaurants.
Moss Beach Distillery Moss Beach, CA
I have lived nearby and been forced to go to this restaurant about once a year by overnight guests who think that is it quaint. The prices are outrageous for food little better than Denny's. Not much can be done to ruin the steamed clams that so ma ... more
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