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Restaurant Name City
Boli Factory Mechanicsburg, PA
Very Good food. Would recommend to anyone that needs something to eat fairly quickly too.
Wolf Creek School Cafe Slippery Rock, PA
Boy do I miss this place. I attended Slippery Rock University for two semesters a year ago. This is the place to take your parents to dinner when they come to visit. What a neat place. Say hi to Scott in the kitchen.
Luigi's Pizza House Slippery Rock, PA
I miss this place as well. This is the place to go for fine dining pizza. Any entree on the menu if fabulous. The eggplant parmigiana gave me food poisoning.
Top Wing Slippery Rock, PA
If you want to best recommendations on this restaurant just go to Founders Hall anywhere on the first floor. Indigestion heartburn but may just possibly be worth it.
My Place Camp Hill, PA
Obviously the Trinity hangout. Just check out all the cars in the parking lot and people loitering. I think I could find something better to do with my weekend time then hang out in a dark pizza joint parking lot. Food good.
Gingerbread Man's Riverside Lemoyne, PA
Excellent restaurant. I am impartial, as for I used to work there. The food and the view is what makes this restaurant a success. Jen, if you read this and I know you usually do, please return my phone calls. I would like to know why.
Viaggio's Enola, PA
Simply a wonderful place to eat... I am going to try to eat there once a week (definitely worth it). The prime rib and pasta is out of this world.
Visaggio's Enola, PA
What a wonderful place to eat lunch and dinner. Prime rib or pasta is excellent. Definitely worth that once a week eating place.
Pizza Etc Enola, PA
Awesome... Possibly the biggest secret on the west shore. This little pizza joint just off the Wertzville Road exit of Route 81 serves up the best pizza I have had in a long time. Monday night specials are fabulous.
Gilligans Bar & Grill Harrisburg, PA
MEXICAN? I don't know whats mexican about Gilligan's but oh well. A lively place with pools tables and a dress code. Dress code is a plus. Good efficient bartenders as well.
  • Location Harrisburg, PA

  • Age 38

  • Gender Male

  • Level Level 3

  • Points 60