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Restaurant Name City
All Chinese Buffet Salina, KS
would deffinatly recomend to family and friends and have to be in fact. food is great and so is the atmosphere. Great resturant.
Bayard's Cafe Salina, KS
I was not to impressed with this resturant, but for a late night snack it, s alright.
Grandma Max's Restaurant Salina, KS
This reasturant caters mainly to the truckers, if you don, t drive a rig most of them think your dirt.
La Hacienda Mexican Restaurant Salina, KS
This resturant is really good staff is friendly and the food is great.I would deffinatly recomend this resturant for good mexican.
Tom's Appletree Restaurant Salina, KS
They have moved from thier old location, but when they were where they were originally I didn, t mind dining there.
Post Rock Cafe Lincoln, KS
Very nice home town atmosphere even if your not from the area you still get treated as if your a nieghbor. deffinatly good eating also.highly reccomend this resturant.
Casa Authentic Mexican Food Topeka, KS
I really enjoy thier all you can eat platter. It was a regular mexican night stop for my family while we stayed there in Topeka.
Arby's Roast Beef Topeka, KS
I mainly went for thier famous jamocha shakes, which are out of this world, but for fast food thier ok as well.
Golden Corral Family Steak House Topeka, KS
We mainly used them as a last resort place to eat out, I was not impressed with the dinner selections all that much and with the walkie-talkies I kept looking for the president.
Old Country Buffet Topeka, KS
great dinning experience, clean, good atmosphere, great food for the great price, and definatly great for families. Kids will love the place and so do parents.
  • Location Barnard, KS

  • Level Level 3

  • Points 75