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Applebees Neighborhood Bar and Grill Altoona, PA
I love their "all you can eats" and they have some really great desserts! The amount of food is good for the price and its a nice setting/seating area.
Family House Restaurant Breezewood, PA
Aside from the fact that we nearly got killed pulling into this place (traffic is usually pretty rough here) it wasn't all that bad a place. The food is good, prices aren't bad. The service was one reason why we would go back...very polite.
Best-Way Pizza Duncansville, PA
This is a nice little pizza place. You can get some good deals here with the right coupons on their "specials" days. I thought the pizza was tasty, and the larges are definitely large!
Copabanana Philadelphia, PA
We first tried this place based only on the name!!! But its a really fun place and they do have some excellent food. Its not really a family dinner place, but its a blast with a group of friends!
Spaghetti Warehouse Philadelphia, PA
This is a great place to go!! I don't know what the lunch menus provide, but their dinners are great. You get very hearty portions and the price is well worth it. Its a nice quite place.
Chicken Shack Saint Clair Shores, MI
The name kinda says it all, Chicken SHACK. The food was pretty greasy and the service was poor (we ordered from our hotel and went to pickup and had a super long wait!!!!) The side orders ie mashed potatoes, and bisquits were good but you can't real ... more
Harpoon Larry's Oyster Bar Hampton, VA
Cool seafood place! Great food, fun atmosphere!!! Prices are a bit high but its worth it, people used to tell us it had the best Fish Fridays around. Heres a cool piece of info: William (Billy) Baldwin ate here while filming the moive VIRUS in 1996- ... more
Corner Coffee Shoppe Johnstown, PA
This is a nice place. I was only there once, but it was a pleasant experience. The service was excellent and the food was pretty good. I'd definitley go back.
Terrace Bay Inn Escanaba, MI
This is a really nice place!!! Its beautiful after a long drive up the Lakeshore to sit and enjoy the view! The food is good, most of the prices are ok, some specific items are pricey ie desserts and drinks, but that can be expected. Good place thoug ... more
Cosi Sandwich Bar New York, NY
The sandwiches are ok, but the service was a turn off when we were there. It was our first trip to NY and we needed to just take our time but they guy was like the "Sammich Nazi" and wanted our order RIGHT NOW and we could tell he was disgusted with ... more
  • Location NANTYGLO, PA

  • Level Level 4

  • Points 130