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Mama-Mia Restaurant & Pizzeria Livonia, MI
Nice setting. Location I frequent is @ Grand River and Beech Daly. Very good Lasagna and Canalloni. Soft sticks are SUPER!!!. Beech Daly location is alot more personal!!!
Buddy's Pizza Livonia, MI
Pizza is pretty good. Service has been fair. most other locations are too noisy for most family gatherings though. one to see when in the area.
Bates Hamburgers Livonia, MI
Good place to buy and fly. VERY cramped. Good food though. do NOT bring the Yukon, PARKING bad.
Big Boy Livonia, MI
One of the better Big Boys in the area. They have good cooks. Good location also
New China Buffet Livonia, MI
I liked this one! Alot to see and eat. Bring your best and they will fill you up.
Mimi's Family Dining Livonia, MI
good place to go when you have a few minutes to spare. I like their breakfast setup. they have a good cook here.
El Nibble Nook Restaurant Livonia, MI
Portions were on the skimpy side as Mexican goes. was slow the last few times though. food prep is good.
Kyoto By Benihana Northville, MI
Very classy!! I like this one Alot. Well thought well scripted. Love the stir-fry. Super chef's!! A MUST see.
Bullwinkle's Redford, MI
Not the bar/smoker. If you are this'll be ok for you. Food was good though. Limited selection.
Gest Omelettes Redford, MI
Friendly staff. Omelettes was less then par. limited menu. If you love the name you'll love this place, your Graceland.
  • Location hamtramck, MI

  • Level Level 1

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