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House of Emperor Ashburn, VA
I'd take the earlier comment further -- all the way to bland. It's very Americanized versions of mostly southeast Chinese dishes. Very light on spices, boring presentation, and often soggy or limp vegetables. "Szechwan" dishes were ... more
The Melting Pot Reston, VA
It's expensive, but a lot of fun. <br> Basic experience is a heated surface is built into all the tables, and guests are served various bread and dippable veggies/meats that can be cooked by dipping into melted cheese or differing type ... more
Silver Diner Reston, VA
Average food quality really makes this a iffy pick. It's good for families with small children (you can get the mac'n cheese or hot dogs they crave), but everything is bland and somewhat greasy. <br> There's usually a 15-20 min ... more
On the Border Mexican Cafe Reston, VA
Predictable and bland. Best picks tend to be the combo plates (select your own gets you the best choices), and the make-your-own burrito card gives some options. <br> Salsa tends to be heavy on cilantro, so those who are sensitive to cilan ... more
Chicken Out Rotisserie Reston, VA
Good solid food, if a bit over-priced for what you get. <br> Chicken is pretty much the order of the day (surprise), but the ham is also very good. The different kinds of chicken salad are interesting (my fave is still the basic chicken s ... more
Banjara Ashburn, VA
There's a real break between lunch and dinner at Banjara. <br> The lunch buffet is a real bargain ($8 for all you can eat is a great deal), and the food quality is excellent -- usually two curries, several vegetable dishes, and fresh f ... more
Logan's Roadhouse Restaurant Sterling, VA
The best thing about Logan's is the free peanuts. <br> Meat is consistently over or undercooked, and often charcoaled if you order medium-well. Vegetables are often raw or undercooked. <br> Service is poor and slow. Refills ... more
The Big Mango Sterling, VA
Stumbled across Big Mango on the way to the landromat, and was happily surprised. <br> Exceptionally good tasting food -- very good balance of spices and ingredients, and the ambiance of the restaurant is excellent: quiet flute music, grea ... more
Casa De Oro Moscow, ID
Pretty good food, with good service and reliable spices. The enchiladas are above average, with a nice chili sauce that goes well with beers. They have a good selection of dishes, and will make kid-size portions of different things to give the kids ... more
King Gyros Mishawaka, IN
Probably the best of the King Gyros chain in Mishawaka/South Bend. Very large portions, and they aren't afraid of olives, garlic, or feta cheese. The Greek salad is exceptionally good, as are the BBQ ribs and gyros. The baklava is also very good. ... more
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