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Recent reviews by Michael C.
Restaurant Name City
Carolina Pizza & Pasta Works Greenville, NC
above average food - excellent selection - atmosphere sucks, but there's only so much you can do with a strip mall location, I suppose
Angus Barn Ltd Raleigh, NC
over-priced and over-rated; pedestrian food and abysmal atmosphere - if you want a decent meal and/or nice atmosphere, go to Sullivans on in the Creamery on Glenwood
Neo-China Restaurant Raleigh, NC
Excellent, with food seemingly made of higher quality materials than one sees at most Chinese restaurants nowadays (i.e., pork and beef both look and taste differently) Clean, open space - semi-erotic free-from sculptures are a bit odd, though.
Curiosity Shoppe & Coffee Co Washington, NC
Generally good food and a pleasant atmosphere. A surprisingly nice little place for a town this size.
Szechuan Garden Greenville, NC
Definitely one of the best Chinese restaurants in Gville. Quality has gone down a bit since they "joined the herd" and began offering a daily buffet, but it's still acceptable. Nice, old-fashioned (for a Chinese restaurant) atmosphere.
  • Location Greenville, NC

  • Level Level 2

  • Points 25