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I love a wide variety of foods and trying new restaurants. I'm not sure what I would do if I had to be limited to one type of cuisine. But, that's part of the excitement of living in San Francisco. We have such a wide variety and so many restaurants of good quality. It's fun to be driving or walking aroundand just stop in a place I've never tried. In general I've had good experiences, but there are bound to be some less than memorable ones. That's part of the fun!
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Pompei's Grotto San Francisco, CA
It probably satisfies the tourists, but for locals it is a definite no-no. As is usual, I tried it three times (two dinners and one lunch) before writing a review. Each time the service was minimal at best and none of the food was worth mention. In s ... more
John's Grill San Francisco, CA
John's Grill relies more on it's touristy location and being mentioned in the Sam Spade novels than it does on food. It's fine for the tourists who think they are seeing "old San Francisco." In reality, the food is barely average.
Atrium Restaurant San Francisco, CA
There are only two reasons to go to this place and they must occur at the same time to make it worthwhile. Those are that you are desperate and that there is no other place you can go. In short, the place has bad food and is very overpriced.
Zuni Cafe San Francisco, CA
Zuni is higly overrated. I'm tempted to rate it as 1 star, but it's not quite that bad. What you get for the high prices you pay is service that is often more rude than pleasant, higly overpriced items, and a view of the traffic on Market Street. I g ... more
Grape Leaves Mediterranean Restaurant Oceanside, CA
We stopped here on a recent vist to So. Cal. Pretty bad!
Crustacean San Francisco, CA
For the money you can do far, far better. Yes, they tried to make it work. Alas it didn't. The very poor service here is abominable, especially as the food is only average to begin with.
Lyons Restaurant Gilroy, CA
We stopped in here on a recent visit to Gilroy,a town which welike to visit. We just happened on to this Lyon's and decided --"Why not?" Lyon's is a resonable chain, but somehow this one slipped through the mold. In short, the food was FAR below Lyon ... more
Denny's Pacifica, CA
It's a Denny's.
Ananda-Fuara San Francisco, CA
I really like the food and the service here. In my book it rankswith the very, very best of the vegetarian restaurants in San Francisco. The food is consistently good, the atmosphere is unpretenious, and the servers are friendly.
Celestin's Caribbean Cusine Sacramento, CA
I walked into this restaurant quite by chance on a business tripto Sacto. I should have walked right back out. It's BAD!
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