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Minato-Sushi San Jose, CA
Wow, this restaurant hasn't changed much in the past 2 decades; n' that's a _good_ thing, in this case. the fud's still consistently good. yah, as the previous critic sed, the sushi's not _really_ the star here but the dinner or b ... more
Jameson's By the Sea Kailua Kona, HI
this is not a great restaurant, no. my wife and i stayed at the magic sands condo building in which this restaurant is located. we lived for a week right above this restaurant. we enjoyed the same wonderful, beautiful view from our own lanai (balc ... more
Crustacean San Francisco, CA
i wasn't sure whether to put $30~40 or $40~50 down for the price. i know some people would suggest the lower, but in reality, you'll end up spending a good amount if you want the good stuff, you know? what i mean by that is, yes, you'll ... more
Zucca Ristorante Mountain View, CA
this restaurant has great mediterranean / middle eastern food and has a beautiful outdoor dining area. what really tops it off is the friendly management. you'll have a good time there. the food is pretty unique. <br> one thing i ... more
Caffe Giovanni Berkeley, CA
first off, my wife kaela probably means <i>garlic</i> bread, not "ginger" bread in her review. <br> as we both spent a significant amount of our lives in the uc berkeley campus area, we're decently familiar with g ... more
Krung Thai Restaurant San Jose, CA
i'm giving this restaurant 4 stars, but i really mean to give it 3. i just need to equalize the irresponsible review by chan down below. you see, here, we're serious restaurant reviewers. we're here to critique the restaurant, critique ... more
Stokes Adobe Monterey, CA
stokes is listed as a casual restaurant, and diners do arrive casually dressed in jeans; but the decor and ambience are beautiful and the food is elegantly delicious! the have a wonderful website that shows their building well. it's just as bea ... more
China Way Santa Clara, CA
i was not very impressed with this restaurant the one time i visited severla years ago. perhaps it's better now, but i was impressed back in 2003. when i visited, my party opted to order the northern style chinese food that is often favoured by ... more
Filfela Santa Clara, CA
when this restaurant moved in, replacing chi dog, i was quite excited to get some persian food in our neighbourhood. however, when i visited for lunch on a weekday, i was quite disappointed with the amount of food i got for the price i paid. perhap ... more
The Chi-Dog Santa Clara, CA
this restaurant is gone! please remove it, or at least forget about visiting. i suppose it's nice to keep it here to document its existenc. although i never visited it, i kept hearing it was good.
  • Location San Jose, CA

  • Age 42

  • Gender Male

  • Level Level 7

  • Points 1025

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