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Poogan's Porch Charleston, SC
Agree with Sharon D's review. This is a must for lunch or dinner. It is somewhat noisey primarily because it is old with very high ceilings - but that all adds to its charm. Creole and jambamaya are excellent. Try the peanut butter pie!
Blossom Cafe Charleston, SC
Soemwhat pricey for dinner but the dishes are creative and the service was excellent. The Maple Leaf Duck was a good choice ($26). Decent wine list.
Great Oak Landing Chestertown, MD
Great location. Unfortunately, the food is inconsistent. It's gone through several management changes. We dined here recetly and felt that it was pretty average - at best. Like many of the restaurants on the water, it depends on the boaters and h ... more
Dutch Family Restaurant Kennedyville, MD
This place was torn down about 2 years ago (thank you Lord). Not replaced.
The Yacht Club Restaurant Chesapeake City, MD
We believe that this is the best restaurant in the area - consistently good. Most recently (9/12/08) four dined here. The Duck Medallions were excellent. The salmon and rock fish outstanding.
Dockside Yacht Club/Restaurant Chesapeake City, MD
This place burned down some years ago and was replaced by the Chesapeake Inn.
Twinny's Place Galena, MD
Have to admit that the She-Crab Soup is excellent. Otherwise, just average. But friendly.
Village Bakery & Cafe Galena, MD
This place reloctaed, and expanded, to Chestertown, MD. There, they now serve wine and beer. Haven't been there yet.
Black Eyed Susan Chestertown, MD
Sorry, folks. Another place has hit the dust. It was totally torn down!
Italian Affair Glassboro, NJ
On 6/27 an excellent meal. Not 5 stars but still excellent! Service was outstanding (5 star). Cheese Tortellini was very good ($15.95) and Chicken Francese (suateed in white wine & lemon juice) served with Cavatelli pasta was termed "excelle ... more
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