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Restaurant Name City
The Olive Garden Arlington, TX
This is a place to take someone very special. The food is very tasty and tha service is quick and friendly.
Chick Fil-A Arlington, TX
This is a perfect place to go when you are shopping around and your hungry for really fresh chicken. Great service and selection. Don't taste fake like most chicken places.
Arby's Arlington, TX
Pretty cheap for lots of food. The roast beef sand. are so tasty it is worth going back for more. The pastries are cherry and apple and they are the tastiest sweet stuff for a fast food joint.
Good Eats Grill Bedford Bedford, TX
People either hate or love Good Eats. It is a place that serves home cooking. Chicken, green beans, and mashed potatos. The tables or booths have great decorations. They serve you kinda slow but you get unlimited rolls and cornbread while you wait. more
On The Border Irving, TX
Good place to bring a group of people. I did a couple times and the food came out at the same time and the food is more tex-mex tasting than mexican.
Subway Irving, TX
The subs from here are no where to be found in the state. The are so tasty. The cold cuts ang veggies are sooo fresh. I crave Subway at least once a week. They also bake their bread fresh daily.
Old San Francisco Steaks & Seafood Dallas, TX
The food is odd here but tasty. You have to have an open mind to eat here. The had a excellent show that was a play with singing and dancing. I'm not sure how often they preform these acts. Might want to call ahead.
Enigma Dallas, TX
When you bring people into the Dallas area you must take them to this place or you will regret it. There is intresting art every where, even the bathrooms. Not a family place though. Great service and food was very good.
Dodies Seafood Dallas, TX
The first thing that I should warn you about is their food is extremely spicy, so keey some water within arms reach. They stick to the cajan theme vary well. Free bread along with fast service.
Kentucky Fried Chicken Euless, TX
The chicken taste hard and chewy. The mashed potatos are so fake that it is like eating baby food. They also are pricy for what their selling. Good kids meals, that was kid tested and approved from the kids..
  • Location Fair Oaks, CA

  • Level Level 4

  • Points 120