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Restaurant Name City
Tu Your Door Pizza Marion, IN
Probably the second worst pizza in Grant County. They Add a delivery charge to the bill, most pizza places don't. Rude on the phone, they act like your an annoyance. Food is usually warm, not hot and over priced for what you get. Most frozen pizzas a ... more
La Charreada Mexican Restrnt Marion, IN
By far the BEST restaurant in Marion. Exceptional food, Great atmosphere, and large portions. To provide some of its uniqueness, employees are all of mexican descent. Food is served fast, and is always served HOT. Refills on homemade chips and homema ... more
Richards Family Restaurant Marion, IN
About as close as you can come to being authentic. Some corners have been cut over the years(Real Veal has been replaced by a preformed Veal/beef Patty, and sauces bear a stong similarity to Ragu with sugar added). Portions are still large, and the ... more
Rosies Little Italy Marion, IN
Over the years Price and service, as well as atmosphere have kept Rosies a popular legend in the Grant co Area. Unfortunatly somethings are sacrificed in order to maintain price and service. Quality and authenticity were the first to go. Over the yea ... more
  • Location Marion, IN

  • Level Level 2

  • Points 20