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I'm a native San Franciscan and have seen restaurants come and go over the years. The better ones seem to last forever, and I've been to most of those. I eat out often, and although I'm not a gourmet, I know what is good and what I like. The city is filled with so many choices that I think a person could eat out every day of the year and never go to the same restaurant twice. I try to be very honest in my reviews. I hope they help! Just got back from NYC again, and as much as I love being there, I still think the food in SF is better...I'm spoiled!
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Yankee Pier San Jose, CA
Went here for lunch on Nov 13th. Sat outside and service was very, very slow. We had a tuna melt (fresh tuna, very good, but the bread was rather boring), and the Halibut, which was cooked well, but was a piece about 2x2, for $18.50 which was a bit h ... more
Lazy Dog Cafe Torrance, CA
This sort of reminds me of a BJ's in LA, or an Elephant Bar type place, but it is different. They have everything on the menu from Asian style plates to grilled cheese sandwiches, but they are all a step above the average. It's a great place ... more
Ortega 120 Redondo Beach, CA
This restaurant is excellent. Went there last week while visiting in Redondo Beach. The restaurant is very large and very busy. We went on a Thursday evening around 7PM and it was mobbed, but we got a seat right away. Service was excellent. The momen ... more
Harris Ranch Inn & Restaurant Coalinga, CA
So, another few years have passed and I went to Harris ranch again on the way home from LA. We stopped around 2PM and it was very crowded. They have 2 very large dining areas though, so we didn't have to wait. As before, the food seemed to take f ... more
Good Stuff Redondo Beach, CA
Great spot to have lunch. Had a turkey sandwich which was fine, not exceptional, but fine and the person I was with had a steak salad which he really enjoyed. They have a nice outside area to sit in. Service is ok, average, not exceptional. Just a go ... more
Alfred's Steakhouse San Francisco, CA
Had occasion to go back to Alfred's for a rehearsal dinner for a wedding and was less than happy with the service or the food. The steaks were either overdone or underdone, the service was not nearly as good as it was before and the room where th ... more
Servino Belvedere Tiburon, CA
We ended up going here for a late lunch on a beautiful weekend because our first choice, Sam's, was too crowded. At 2 in the afternoon there was a two and one half hour wait for Sam's, so we went looking for another waterfront restaurant wher ... more
Quarry Steak House West Coxsackie, NY
We went to a private party here on just this last weekend. The food was served family style and we had a lot of starchy and fried things, which on the whole were not that great. Service was rather awful, seemed to be kids who really didn't know w ... more
Houlihan's Restaurant Albany, NY
So, 2 years later we went back to this restaurant on a visit to Albany, NY. The food is ok, not great, but the service was quite good. It reminds me of any chain restaurant with so so food and ok service. Prices are a bit high for what they serve, bu ... more
Bruegger's Bagel Bakery Albany, NY
Love, love, love the bagels here. They rival Noahs in CA!
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