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Pacific Restaurant Daly City, CA
Many people (mostly Filipino Americans) use this restaurant for parties because the food is cheap and it accomodates large parties, including a dance floor. While it is clean and the waitresses are friendly, the food is terrible!!! How much mo ... more
Tony Roma's San Francisco, CA
The service and view/location is great! This restuarant makes you feel like you are dining in a 5 star restaurant with the whole atmosphere and look to it. The waiters are friendly and prompt. And there's even a person out front who hands you a cou ... more
Koi Palace Daly City, CA
I love this restaurant!!! One of the only few good Chinese restaurants in Daly City. I have never had their dinner but have enjoyed dim sum there several times. Don't even think about going there on the weekends after 10am...the place gets so busy ... more
Just Wonton San Francisco, CA
This place is great for a quick bite to eat or food to go. They offer good Chinese food at decent prices. I don't suggest the Ma Po Dofu...big chunks of dofu with hamburger meat and not spicy. The wonton is wonderful, their chow fun is not greasy, ... more
Kam's Restaurant San Francisco, CA
This is one of my favorite restaurants! I was surpised that nobody critiqued their customer service...customer service especially sucks on the weekends. And if you're Chinese or a regular...service sucks even more! One time the waitress brought ou ... more
Jade Dragon Daly City, CA
This is one of the few Chinese restaurants in Daly City...but it is also one of the worst. While prompt seating is always availbe, the restaurant is clean with well decor, the food is terrible. I have met many people who love the food here, but I h ... more
King Wah Chinese Daly City, CA
This is another of one of the few Chinese restaurants in Daly City--but this is one of the better ones. Seating is always available as well as easy parking-the farest you will ever park is probably one block. I love the Koi Pond which keeps childre ... more
Tong Palace San Francisco, CA
This restaurant has been here forever! I am sure the managers have changed since it first opened, but the food has not changed a bit. This restaurants used to be notorius for wedding receptions, red egg ginger parties, and other parties but since th ... more
Toy Boat Dessert San Francisco, CA
This is a great place to go if you have kids...there are so many toys decorating the walls and many are available for purchase. They also have this mechanical horse you (or your kids) can ride. Despite the fun child like atmosphere...their ice crea ... more
Hana Restaurant San Francisco, CA
I love this place!!! Hana's has been around forever and I have been going there since before I was born. My parents had one of their first dates here. When my mom was pregnant with me she went here often. And even when my mom was in the hospital ... more
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