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Bandera Los Altos, CA
When we have guests form Europe in town, they always seem to want to try "American" food. I was always at a loss when trying to come up with something. It usually ended up with us going to some bar-b-que place, or steak house. They tend to come aw ... more
Mandarin Classic Los Altos, CA
I think some of the other reviewers have said as much, but I think the best way to describe Maderian Classic, is that it's not a Chinese restaurant, it's a restaurant that serves great Chinese food! I have eaten there for lunch and dinner. The food ... more
Hardy's Bavaria Sunnyvale, CA
As German Restaurants go, Hardy's is one of the best in the US. We started with the assorted sausage appetizer and the dumplings with mushroom sauce vegitarian entree served as an appetizer. Both were excellent. The food was as authentic as I recall ... more
Rainbow Pizza San Mateo, CA
The name says Rainbow PIZZA, but they serve more than Pizza here. A recent return here prompted this review. I have always felt positive about the Pizza. There is no question they serve one of the best in the county. But they also make some outstandi ... more
Stacks Redwood City, CA
Have been twice since Stacks opened their second location here in Redwood City. (the original Statcks is in Burlingame) It's previous incarnation was the Golden West Pancake restaurant, and this is a marvelous transformation. The food is just great ... more
Tied House Cafe & Brewery Mountain View, CA
Have been to the Tied House on many occassions, and as with the above reviews, I could write one that went either way. I have had both good and bad experiences here, but most have been positive. For me, the better things about the Tied House, is t ... more
Szechwan Court Belmont, CA
Szechwan Court is a very small place just North of the San Carlos border. It appears to be a favorite lunch place, but was rather empty on a Monday evening. The food was very good, and one dish, a pork with pickled Chinese cabbage, was fantastic ... more
Sneakers Pub & Grill San Carlos, CA
Not sure where the above reviewers went, but Sneakers is not the "Best in Class" or even "Excellent". Places like City Pub and Taxi's are closer to that rank than this place could ever hope to be. The burgers are good, maybe a bit better than averag ... more
China Village Restaurant Belmont, CA
This is the place to go for Dim Sum on the Pennisula. We go there nearly once a month and always lament leaving when more items come out of the kitchen that we haven't tried yet, but are too full to eat. The braised asparagus spears and the crusted p ... more
Cook's Seafood Menlo Park, CA
Cooks is a great place for fish, when you're not up for going out to a sitdown seafood restaurant. The fish and chips and the crab and shrimp louies are my favorites.
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