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Most of my reviews are concentrated in the Greater Los Angeeles Area. I have tried to try to rate restaurants for two purposes: (1) a place to take a date, and (2) a place to take your kids. Lately, I've become concerned about locations which are infested with drug-dealing street-gangs, and I'll warn you of those. I've eaten out a lot in the Los Angeles area, and I'll do my best to let you benefit from my experience.
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Chili's Grill & Bar West Hills, CA
As the name indicates, this is a Tex-Mex restaurant, but the food represents several other ethnic origins as well, including Thai and Cajun. The decor is rustic/antiques, but well-lighted. It's a clean place with a lot of good food including T ... more
El Torito #2 Encino, CA
This is one of the nicest Mexican restaurant chains. It's a fine place to take a date or the family. This particular location has parking off a side street, behind a gas station, but has a fenced-in pond with various waterfowl in the adjacent ... more
Solley's Restaurant & Deli Sherman Oaks, CA
My two-star rating is an average based on several factors. This is a nice deli, bakery, restaurant and catering business. The interior boasts a lot of nicely finished wood. The food quality is quite good, although I am so fond of a brisket of ... more
Coco's Family Restaurant Woodland Hills, CA
This is a typical Coco's location, except for being more crowded than most. The cuisine is comparable to Denny's, except better in taste and appearance, and more general. For instance, you can find tortilla soup served in a bowl made from a roun ... more
Coco's Family Restaurant Van Nuys, CA
In general, Coco's is a lot like Denny's, but a bit more upscale. You can get wonderful tortilla soup, here, served in a bowl made from a round loaf of bread. They have a variety of breakfast and dinner items, all presented a bit more artisticall ... more
Stuart Anderson's Black Angus Restaurant Northridge, CA
In case I have two reviews for this place, my original review didn't appear here for three weeks after I entered it, so I'm assuming it got lost. This is a very good restaurant for either a date or as a place to take the family, if you can afford ... more
Tommy's Original World Famous Canoga Park, CA
A group of us from work used to eat here a lot because they were open late. This is the largest LA chain specializing in chili burgers, and it has several locations in the San Fernando Valley. This restaurant sets the standard for LA chili burgers ... more
Carneys Restaurant Studio City, CA
If Denny's is the standard LA family restaurant and The Original Tommy's is the standard LA chili burger restaurant, Carney's is the Coco's of chili burgers. What makes the chili burgers here better is the nice, thick slice of tomato that comes o ... more
La Lasagna Co Northridge, CA
FAX - (818) 885 - 8107. This is good, lower-middle brow 1950's-style Italian restaurant with an order counter and chrome/formica tables and chairs that might have been made in the fifties and resurfaced once since. People drive for miles to ta ... more
Ikea Restaurant Burbank, CA
The restaurant is located on the second floor of the Ikea furniture store at Burbank Boulevard and San Fernando Road. Once you get past the fact that you are eating inside a furniture warehouse, the food is pretty good and the atmosphere is inte ... more
  • Location Winnetka, CA

  • Level Level 6

  • Points 530