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L. C. Jordans Bar & Grill Elizabethtown, PA
Dining experince was nice. Food was exceptional, took a little time, obviously was made to order not premade. Crabcakes were outstanding never tasted anything like it. No fillers, large lumps of lump crab. Server was very pleasant, Reservations we ... more
Coffee Cartel Redondo Beach, CA
An excellent place to relax.Employees are very handsome and smart.All of them - outstanding personalities.Redondo`s authentic coffee house. Drinks exclusively good!
Dana Street Roasting Company Mountain View, CA
This Coffee Shop has the most delicious coffee I've tasted (in the USA) by a noticable margin. I am a Peet's fan; I've consistently been underwhelmed by Sta**ucks and have been to many independent coffee shops in the B. Area, Seattle, and major US ci ... more
Country Scoop & Deli Fremont, MI
The best ice cream in the county! A variety of flavors of ice cream, frozen yogurt, and fat free/sugar free ice cream are offered. Try the waffle cones and the sundaes. Portions are generous, and the prices are reasonable. Flavors can be mixed to ... more
George's Rootbeer Stand Newaygo, MI
Old style drive-in with a checkered floor and oldie walls. Quick, friendly service with hot food. They have delicious rootbeer floats. Every summer they have a cruiser bight with tons of old cars.
Burger King Newaygo, MI
The food can be a little sloppy, but you get a "WHOPPER" of a meal. The sloppyness is worth an inexspensive, hunger quenching, tasty meal. The environment is also good for children with a built-in play-place.
Tataki Sushi San Dimas, CA
A brand-new Japanese restaurant, Tataki Sushi, opened in San Dimas, on Arrow Highway, just this past Monday, April 15, 2002, and my husband and I have already eaten there twice this week (4/15 thru 4/18). And the food was sssssooo good, it would be ... more
Spaghetti Works Des Moines, IA
Good service, good food, good entertainment. What more can be said? Much better than you would expect.
Skewers Los Angeles, CA
Great Place, they just remodeled, great new athmosphere! We love it! Great food!
All Seasons Bistro East Lansing, MI
This is a wonderful french restaurant that changes its menu 4x a year, so there is always something new whenever you go in. The waitstaff is pleasant and helpful, and is very knowledgable about the menu, as well as the extensive wine list (they have ... more
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