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Ciatti's Italian Restaurant St. Paul, MN
Wonderful Italian food. The price is right and the atmosphere is date worthy. We will definately go back.
Restaurante Luci St. Paul, MN
This is by far the best Italian in the area. Every item on the menu is to die for. The ingrediants melt in your mouth. The explosion of flavors is great. You need to cal ahead to get in on the wknds, but its an experience to write home about.
Sakura Restaurant St. Paul, MN
New sushi fan, and this is pretty good. Its pricey for what i am used to, but its a good place to start a great journey into the world of sushi.
Cafe Latte St. Paul, MN
Just a great little quaint place to enjoy a few minutes. You will definately your time here. Its a great place to enjoy some drinks and conversation.
Ruam Mit Thai Cafe St. Paul, MN
Great thai food. You will love the food and the atmosphere. You will enjoy the whole experience. I love the spicy entrees that thai food provides.
Snuffy's Malt Shop St. Paul, MN
Malts and shakes are absolutely to die for. They are so rich and thick. If you have on you will definately make this a regular stop for a desert.
Mai Village St. Paul, MN
Never had Vietnemese food before, but will definately have it again. The place was clean and enjoyable, and the food was very different, but very good. You will enjoy this food if you like the asian cultural foods.
El Torito Mexican Restaurant St. Paul, MN
Just good ol american mexican food. Everything is very flavorful. The food is cheesy, spicy, and just greasy enough. I love it.
Art Song's Original Wings & Ribs St. Paul, MN
These are meat falling off the bone ribs. If you like bbq, this is the joint for you. This is one of the best rib joints ever and I come from the rib capital of KC.
Embers Restaurants St. Paul, MN
One of the best steaks I have ever eaten. It was cooked to perfection. The juice was running out of the steak when you cut into it. The atmosphere is great, and makes you feel right at home.
  • Location Kansas City, MO

  • Level Level 6

  • Points 475