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Restaurant Name City
Olive Garden Orlando, FL
THis has got to be one of my favorite restaurants!! The salad and breadsticks are delish! For entrees I recommend fettuchinni alfredo, cheese pizza, or spaghetti with the spicy arrabita sauce!
Rainforest Cafe Orlando, FL
i love the rainforest cafe! its a neat environment and the food is good. i had the ceasar chicken salad and it was very filling, good, and enough to take home for tommorrow too!
B D's Mongolian Barbeque Okemos, MI
This is one of the yummiest restaurants! you pick the food you want, give it to a chef and they cook it all up for you. plus its a buffet so you can experiment as much as you want!
Great China Buffet Grand Rapids, MI
ehh.. it was okay but like the guy who already commented said, you might as well go someplace better if you want chinese. buffets of chinese food just dont seem to work out great
Clara's Restaurant Lansing, MI
I enjoyed this restaurant. It has a cool setting and I ordered the cheese pizza which was very good. The salad was also delicious. The cheesecake however was not very good at all, but I dont like cheesecake anyhow so I'm not one to rate that.
Big Boy Restaurants Ionia, MI
i've only eaten here for breakfast. it was OK. i had the breakfast buffet and the french toast on it was pretty good. One of my friends ordered a cinnimon roll. That looked delicious!
B D's Mongolian Barbeque Grand Rapids, MI
This was the best food ever!!!!! You pick what you want they cook it, what more do u want?? YUM!
Amy's Place Portland, MI
They had fairly good food. I had lazagne from there that wasnt too good, but the calizone was delicious!!
  • Location Portland, MI

  • Level Level 2

  • Points 40