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We were too broke to eat out very much during our younger days, but now we make up for it! We love to go to new places and experiment with ethnic foods, interspersed with trips to our favorite restaurants in Clarksville, TN. Retired, we now spend time working around the farm and sampling the local foods wherever we are when traveling in the states. When traveling abroad, we sample nothing unpackaged. Nor do we drink the local water.
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Crown of East Clarksville, TN
They opened again after the tax seizure, and made it through the end of the year. In January of 2014, the business was once again seized by the state, and the owner has now given up; he has placed an "out of business" sign in the window. Alas, this o ... more
Bart's Bar-B-Que and Catfish Cooker Dickson, TN
Great little place for lunch! Buffet is small, but every single item on the salad bar and the food bar is excellent. Pulled pork, BBQ Chicken, catfish - and all the trimmings for $7.99. Don't miss this little gem, right beside Kroger and K-Mart -
Crown of East Clarksville, TN
After being our NUMBER ONE place to eat in the entire area for over three years, this restaurant has been seized by the state of Tennessee for no payment of taxes. Lets see. We force someone to pay their taxes by removing their source of income. Bril ... more
Dan's Italian Kitchen Dickson, TN
This restaurant has closed, VERY sad to say. The location must be the reason, because the food was TOPS, and the prices were quite fair.
Tri-county Farmer Vanleer, TN
We have been here before for dinner, but did not like the loud live band; made dinner conversation almost impossible. Today, we tried them for lunch. Canned music, subdued, excellent food and $5.89 price makes this a GREAT place for lunch. Friday sea ... more
Dan's Italian Kitchen Dickson, TN
Many restaurants open with a big splash, then after some weeks start cutting corners, reducing quality, reducing portion size and raising prices. NOT SO here. We have now been here three times, the third one today, and sampled six different menu item ... more
Fire Mountain Clarksville, TN
After an extended period of decreasing quality of food, this reataurant - and the entire chain, I believe - is CLOSED!!
Dan's Italian Kitchen Dickson, TN
We were here yesterday afternoon. The negatives: 1. The menu selections are a bit limited. 2. The dinnerware is plastic. 3. You order at the window, and get your own drinks from the fountain. The positives: 1. The entire place is immaculately clean, ... more
Golden Corral Buffet & Grill Clarksville, TN
It did not last. The quality is in the toilet, and the last two times we tried it were too horrid to even describe. They have used up all their chances with us; we will never be back.
Ryan's Clarksville, TN
This restaurant is now closed, and needs to be removed from this listing -
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