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Bella Mia San Jose, CA
Top marks for atmosphere and basically good food. Great people watching, friendly service (albeit somewhat harried), and pleasant decor. Service was not snappy but not unreasonably slow either.
We ordered two dishes from the special menu and two from the regular menu. Emphasis was on relatively heavy sauces. Duck and pasta were sublimely cooked, beef on skewers was unfortunately a bit tough. A variety of lightly sauteed veggies were a nice addition to the entrees.
Kabul Afghan Cuisine San Carlos, CA
Consistently very good food and service.
My favorite dish is Aush.
Because of the large portions, two of us usually split one kabob entree (my favorite is lamb and chicken), a vegetable side dish, and a couple of appetizers.
Good place for mixed veggie/carnie parties. Also good for meat-and-potatoes types who are suspicious of ethnic food, since the kabobs are not too strangely spiced.
Sneakers Pub & Grill San Carlos, CA
Sneakers seems to be open pretty much all the time; it's a good place to go when you've skipped lunch and you're hungry at 3 in the afternoon. The menu is somewhat unremarkable but extensive enough to please most.
I like the sandwiches, burgers, and onion rings.
It's not a place to come if you hate TV, because no matter where you sit there will be several within view.
Usually the TVs are showing multiple sporting events (except when football or some other big game is on).
The service has been consistently good. They keep your drinks full.
Micha's San Carlos, CA
We've lived in San Carlos for two years and we only just discovered Micha's. We're glad we did.
My favorite dish is the pork ribs. These aren't the small baby-back pork ribs, they're big honkin' things. They are usually falling-off-the-bone tender. Once or twice they've been a bit tough, though.
What separates Micha's from many other BBQ joints is that they also have excellent California Cuisine light fare (salads and sandwiches). So they're good to visit if someone in your party is hankering for BBQ and someone else just hates the idea of chawing on a lot of meat.
I am not all that crazy about Micha's BBQ offerings other than the pork ribs and hot links.
The service is somewhat inconsistent at the moment. I think they're training some new servers. But the place is small and casual enough that this isn't a problem; you can just holler for something you want. ;-)
Creo La. San Carlos, CA
This place comes close to my ideal restaurant -- charming, with "southern hospitality" service (they started recognizing us after our third or fourth visit), and superb food at very reasonable prices. The Early Bird specials are an especially good deal.
My only complaint is that the place cries out for garden-terrace dining, and well, on El Camino that's not too likely.
The jambalaya and the red beans & rice have the authentic flavor of Nawlins. I was transported. But Creo La also does great California Cuisine -- one of my favorite dishes is the seared Ahi with wasabi crust.
The jambalaya is very spicy-hot but other dishes are not. It's a reasonable place to take folks who don't like spicy-hot food.
I love the combo pie, but as something of a "dessert classicist, " I am not happy about the bread pudding. It's a lovely dessert, but bread pudding doesn't seem to be the right name for it -- closer to tiramisu. And the beignets are not Cafe Du Monde style, so if you're looking for Nawlins nostalgia there, you may be disappointed.
Amanecer Restaurant San Carlos, CA
Friendly and prompt service. Pleasant decor (they recently remodeled). Consistently yummy Caribbean food and good Mexican food too. My favorite dish is the Downtown Pork. My SO's favorite dish is the "Fried Ice Cream, " which as far as I can ascertain is really ice cream rolled in some kind of wheat flake cereal. Unlike most fried ice creams, it is served cold. Inexpensive. We have never had to wait for a table.
Ganko Sushi Fast Food San Carlos, CA
Ganko is almost never crowded (except occasionally on the weekends), and their sushi is fresh, delicious, and an excellent value. Better than Okazu-Ya on Laurel. The only tiny gripe I have with them is that they don't serve tempura.
Sais Vietnamese Restaurant San Carlos, CA
This restaurant is one of our staples. On hot summer days I have happily made entire meals out of the spring rolls. The iced Vietnamese coffee is not to be missed. The crepe is one of my favorite Vietnamese dishes and they pull it off superbly.
Joy Meadow Redwood City, CA
The decor is especially nice, and the food is tasty, but it's MSG-laden.
Little Copenhagen Redwood City, CA
It's not going to win the GenX-HipHop Prize for Trendiness. But we like it for its quiet and its solidly good "comfort food."
Redwood Cafe & Spice Company Redwood City, CA
Restaurant and kitchen knick-knacks store in a pretty restored mansion. Quiet because there are only a few tables in each room. Also outdoor patio dining.
The only place I've found yet on the Peninsula for a solidly good *uncrowded* brunch. The menu is not lengthy but it has all the right stuff, including tri-tone lattes in glasses.
Amici's East Coast Pizzeria San Mateo, CA
When we moved from San Jose to San Carlos we went in search of a pizza to replace our favorite "FPD". We had trouble finding one -- it seemed that all the pizzas we tried tasted bland or "off", or the crust was abominable. Amici's is the first pizza delivery joint we've ordered from several times. I wouldn't call it all that similar to the East Coast pizza I had in CT or NYC, but to me it tastes better than Give Pizza Chance or any of the other popular local joints. I like that they keep my address and preferences on file. And delivery from the Redwood Shores Amici's is consistently speedy.
P & P Hunan San Carlos, CA
Atmosphere: None Food: Great. I agree with the reviewer who compared it to the San Francisco Hunan. The smoked meat is to die for.
Broiler Express San Carlos, CA
Some of the meat dishes are OK. The vegetables and salad are disgusting. There are lots of nearby places to get fast food or family style food that are better.
Vic's Of San Carlos San Carlos, CA
I consider Vics the best California Diner I've ever been to. I didn't go before it was remodeled or immediately afterward, but based on the above comments, it seems the service has improved, especially when it's busy. We've never had to wait more than a few minutes to get the attention of a server. The portions are generous and the food is tasty (unlike Stacks, where all the food seemed bland to me). And they have HASH BROWNS and COOK THEM TO ORDER.
La Hacienda San Carlos, CA
Small, warm sit-down Mexican restaurant. Good hot salsa! Tasty food. A bit on the expensive side for dinner, less expensive for lunch.
China Chef San Carlos, CA
You can eat in, but the atmosphere is zilch, and most of the traffic is take-out. For an El Cam take-out place, the food is really quite good. We especially like the hot-and-sour soup. The food is ready quickly.
Cheshire Pub & Pizzeria San Carlos, CA
We haven't had consistently good pizza here, but the veggie and the pepperoni pizzas haven't been bad. I prefer the hamburgers, though. They are cooked properly to order and tasty. Cheshire Pub also prepares food for take-out in record time, generally speaking.
Erik's Deli Cafe Cupertino, CA
Consistently fresh and tasty sandwiches and salads. Busy at lunch time, almost always practically empty at dinner time (so good for folks who like relative quiet).
Baldies Cafe Union City, CA
Friendly atmosphere, enjoyable people-watching. We liked watching Baldie help the staff. Large portions. Good reports on the waffles. Hash browns a little too greasy for my taste, and bacon not the highest quality. Steamed broccoli was not overcooked. We split on the coffee -- it pleased the wimp and disappointed the hardcore espresso drinker. Nice variety of sauces on the table. Mostly prompt and accessible service on our complicated breakfast order on a busy Saturday morning, although they had to be reminded about the milk a few times. (We did not get watermelon.)