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Restaurant Name City
Stonesbones Merrillville, IN
Nothing fancy. Just a real good place to go for good ribs. I had their Super Combo(consisting of 1/4 BBQ chicken, 1/2 slab of baby back ribs and a pork chop). I was really hungry! You get your choice of 2 sides to go with any entree. I recommend getting the garlic/onion mashed potatoes and the whiskey river baked beans. Nice choice of appetizers including the ever famous onion loaf and Armadillo Eggs(jalapeno poppers). Good selection of burgers & sandwiches also. The beef & seafood specialty entrees run in the $10-$20 dollar range but are well worth it. Last but not least, the wait staff was friendly and on their toes. I plan on going back here real soon.
Whitt's Bbq Athens, AL
Whenever my father returns to his homestate he takes a cooler along just for the purpose of bringing back several pounds of Whitt's for the rest of the family. Irresistable BBQ! Buns are included along with thier creamy cole slaw. No one in this family goes south without stopping at Whitt's!!
Gibson's Barbecue Huntsville, AL
Basically the same as other BBQ joints in the south. Good food, good service, decent prices. I prefer Whitt's myself. Similar to trying to decide between Lone Star & the Outback.
Schlotzsky's Deli Chandler Chandler, AZ
I have to disagree with some of the reviews I've read. These guys make a good sandwich with a unique bread that I just love. Yes, the turkey is a good sandwich, but the pastrami I had was out of this world! I like the fact that you get a choice of sandwich size too. And the Broccoli cheese soup was excellent. I found the young lady who waited on me to be very knowledgable & friendly. Beats the heck out of the usual burger & fries!! I recently read that the fat & sodium content of their food may be cause for some concern for some dieters although I found it worth the risk.
Tom's Barbeque Chicago Style Chandler, AZ
Typical BBQ fare. Portions a bit skimpy though. Being from the Chicagoland area I think the proprietors have more of a gimmick than the genuine article here. The$8.95 I paid for a 1/2 chicken dinner seemed a bit much and it tasted as if it had been sitting for quite awhile. I don't recommend going out of your way for this one but I can't say it was my worst experience either.
Carlos O'Kelly's Mexican Cafe Davenport, IA
One of the many stops on my neverending adventures, this place has great mexican food. The taco dinner I had was muy grande! In other words, it was really good!!
Imperial Garden West Des Moines, IA
Got the sesame chicken dinner t'go. Very good quality food for takeout. Absolutely hit the spot and didn't even make a dent in the wallet!
Agustano's Chicago Heights, IL
This place makes the first and one of the best stuffed pizzas I've ever had. Waaaay back in 1986 ( or '87, I can't remember which) one of my buddies recommended this place to me and I've been eating their stuffed pie ever since. Try it! You'll love it!! While they are not the only pizza game in town, they are certainly one of the best players!
Country House Restaurant Chicago Heights, IL
I don't understand why you guys rejected my first review of this place, but here we go again!! Years back(When they were still in business) Country House was the diner to go to. Absolutely one of my favorite places to eat. Their fried chicken/BBQ ribs combo dinner was more than any human could eat. Not to mention the fact that desert was included. They just don't make 'em like this anymore. For a close runner-up, I suggest trying JN Michaels in Matteson. Food & pricing are about equal.
Agee's Dining Room Crete, IL
It's been awhile since I've eaten here, but the one thing that stands out about Agee's is the atmosphere. Small place, freindly service and great breakfast! Excellent hash browns too! Some of the local regulars are quite entertaining also.
Cal's Chicken City USA-CRETE Crete, IL
Great fried chicken and even better onion rings. They're the old fashioned kind (Made with real onions!!!). Worth a visit just for these!
Deb's Wings and Subs Effingham, IL
Stopped here one day after completing a job in the area. I had their turkey sub, curly fries and a large coke. Sub was fabulous(lotsa meat and extras just the way I wanted 'em). The curly fries were hot-right out of the fryer, and the large coke was GIGANTIC!!! I was extremely pleased with both the food and the service. I will definitely stop in again when I'm down this way.
Dragon Inn Glenwood, IL
Nice place with excellent wait staff and beautiful decor. One of the more upscale Chinese restaraunts in this area. A bit on the pricey side, but well worth it! Their appetizers and egg drop soup were very good. The service was attentive without being overbearing.
Long John Silver's Seafood Shoppe Homewood, IL
Pretty much like any other LJ's. The girl who waited on me was very freindly and made my long wait in the drive thru easy to take. I must admit that when I finally did get my meal it was excellent. Everything was freshly cooked, I had all the utensils I needed and plenty of napkins. And those hush puppies were fabulous! I've eaten here on several occasions and haven't had a bad experience yet.
J N Michael's Restaurant Matteson, IL
Good food. Good service. Generous portions at fair prices. Their baked scrod is excellent. I also highly recommend the Nicole's Croissant sandwich. They start you off with a nice assortment of rolls, muffins, & croissants to begin your meal, but don't indulge here too much! Then again, there is always the doggie bag!!!
Kenny's Ribs & Pizza Matteson, IL
Rib Tips, Hot Links, Wings & more!! Kenny's does BBQ right! You can't go wrong here. Their sauce is tangy & spicy just the way I like it. They do BBQ almost as good as I do!!!
Cody's Road House Mattoon, IL
I loved this place! Great steak. Great everything. I'm not partial to male waitstaff usually, but the young man who waited on us was terrific. My steak was cooked to perfection. The roasted veggies served with it were good too. I left this place very full & very satisfied. I liked the brochure on the table centerpiece describing the town and it's history. I also liked the fact that they were located a few hundred feet from our hotel!!
Mc Hugh's Double Drive Thru Mattoon, IL
DO NOT!!! I repeat DO NOT miss this one if you are ever in Mattoon. They're burgers and shakes are mouthwatering. One of the only places besides Cody's Roadhouse that I dined at. I made a special point to return here just before heading to the highway to leave town. Absolutely Fabulous! Don't forget to add the chili/cheese fries to your order. they rank right up ther with the burger & shakes.
La Hacienda Oak Forest, IL
Nice place. Good service. Really good food. I had the Mexican-style pork chops which were excellent. Very big, very thick and very juicy. Delicious! The folks I was with had typical Mexican fare(Chimichanga, Tacos) which were also very good. My meal was in the upper price category, though most of the menu seemed to range in the $5-$10 area. Definitely on my returns list!
Mindy's Orland Park, IL
Great rib tips and excellent BBQ Chicken. The wait at the drive thru can be murder though! Definitely not the place to go for lunch if your'e short on time, but, if you've got it it's well worth it.
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