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Restaurant Name City
Bill's Family Restaurant New Castle, IN
This is a small diner that has good home cooking. The prices are good and so is the food. I have never had to wait to be seated. It has been in business for a long time.
Maxwell House Restaurant New Castle, IN
This is a nice buffet it is not real big but has enough to choose from. The prices are average for a buffet. It can get crowded if you don't go early.Good food!!
Famous Recipe Fried Chicken New Castle, IN
Really good chicken I would say it is right up there with KFC It is take out.The prices are good and so is the food.
Rax Restaurant New Castle, IN
This is on the same line as Arby's about the same thing. Good place to stop with the family.You can eat out or in.Prices are average and it is very clean.
Lakeview Restaurant Cambridge City, IN
Very good place to get a home cooked meal. I have never had to wait and if I did I think it would still be worth it.Good family restaurant with good prices and a nice view of a small lake.
Miller Cafeteria & Banquet Ctr Cambridge City, IN
I am not to empressed with this one. There are alot of older people that seem to really enjoy it though.I was not crazy about the food or selection of it. The prices are average and it is pretty clean.
Pizza King Connersville, IN
This is a good place for pizza you can eat in or order to go. The prices are average but I have had better pizza. I will eat there but it is not some place I want to eat alot.
Raly's Hamburgers Muncie, IN
They have really good hamburgers here!! you can order to go or sit outside on small tables. The prices are good and so is the food. A great place for fast food.
Captain D's Seafood Muncie, IN
A real good place if you like sea-food. I recommend the garlic shrimp it is great. The prices are good, the food is good, and it is always clean. Also you get fast service.
Homestretch Restaurant at Hoosier Park Anderson, IN
This is great place to go. Not only can you eat but you can also place bets at the same time. It is casual, the prices are good. It can get very busy. So make reservations ahead of time.
Parkview Restaurant Connersville, IN
This is another good place for a home cooked meal. It is easy to find, they have good food at good prices.It is clean and has a good atmosphere.
Dixie Stampede Pigeon Forge, TN
We went here on vacation this is one of the neatest places I have ever been. You sit in bleachers and watch a show they do on horses. At the same time you are served some great finger foods. They also take real nice pictures of your family that you can buy for a souvenier.We loved it and think any one would!!