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Restaurant Name City
Taste of China Bluffton, IN
If you like Chinese and I do!! This is the place to go. They have all your favorites here. Priced good, very clean and friendly
B & K Root Beer Stand Bluffton, IN
This is one of my all time favorites but then I love drive-ins They have the best hot dogs this side of Bluffton.
La Jolla Mexican Restaurant Indianapolis, IN
I think this place is better known for their drinks, But I guess if you drink enough the food taste good after a while. I have had much better Mexican Food than this.
India Garden Restaurant Indianapolis, IN
This is a great place to eat if you have time or are in a hurry. They have some of the best soup I have ever had.The chicken chile is also a great choice, But no matter what you get it will be worth your time to try this one.
Famous Recipe Fried Chicken New Castle, IN
This is a very good place to eat I have eaten here alot. The prices are very good for what you get. My only complaint would be most of the time the floors are so slick from the grease that I feel it is dangerous to walk on.
Barney's Grill-Red Barn Market New Castle, IN
This is a good place for fast food they have a big variety and you can also order in advance.They also have several grocery items to choose from while there. The prices are good and so is the food.(nothing fancey)
Pizza King Anderson, IN
A very good place for the family, The prices are good the people are friendly, and it is always clean. They have great pizza and a very good salad bar.
Waffle & Steak Restaurant Anderson, IN
If you like good food this is the place to go. They have alot to choose from and the prices are very good. It is clean and I highly recommend this one!!
Popeyes Fried Chicken Anderson, IN
I do not like the chicken here at all. It does not taste nearly as good as the other chicken places, Although there are alot of people that it here. I do not like it and would not recommend this one.
Rax Restaurant Anderson, IN
If you like good roast beef this is a good place for lunch. The prices are good, the food is great, it is very clean and they are always nice.
Old Country Buffet Indianapolis, IN
This is one of my favorite places to eat. It has a buffet that never ends. One of the biggest varietys in a buffet I have ever seen. The food is great, and so are the prices. If you haven't been try this one for sure you will be glad you did!
Mi Amigos Indianapolis, IN
A real good mexican restaurant.The food is pretty good and so are the prices. I'm not real crazy about mexican, but my husband loves it and he thinks this one is really good.
Hole'n One Donut Co Indianapolis, IN
A great place for donuts, they have a big variety and plenty of them. The price is about the same as any other donut place, but the donuts seem to be fresher here.Try it for your self IT IS GOOD!!
DOG n SUDS Drive-In restaurant Indianapolis, IN
My long time fav.. I love this one for hotdogs, and coneys they don't come any better. They also have the best rootbeer and rootbeer floats around.Prices are great and I like drive inns.
T.g.i. Friday's Indianapolis, IN
A fun place to go if single or married. It seems they usually have a younger crowd though. Good food, good prices, fast service.
Pasta Bella Indianapolis, IN
A very good place for pasta! The prices are good they are very friendly, and they have alot to pick from.It is clean and I recommend this one!!
The Old Spaghetti Factory Indianapolis, IN
This is a great place for the family some stuff is kind of high priced but I think it is worth it. I love the Lasagna! There usually is a wait though.But to me it is worth it and it must be to others or they wouldn't have the wait!!Really good food!!
Little Bit Of Italy Indianapolis, IN
I like this one O.K. but have been to better. The prices are good, but I just think I have had better.It is clean and usually quiet. Decide for yourself.
Buffalo Wings & Rings Indianapolis, IN
This one is good but not the best I have had. I guess no one compares to KFC well in my opinion any way. About the same prices but I still prefer KFC.
Welliver's Hagerstown, IN
I use to work here and I know that this is about the best!! The buffet is great but they also have menu that features some of the best steaks I have ever had. It is so good people fly in to the airport at Hagerstown just to eat here. Lots of shrimp too! They also have a bar where you can eat or just drink.