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Elite Cafe San Francisco, CA
Very busy for dinner. Food is good to very good. What prevents from giving this place another star is the ambience. This place is one long corridor, it's narrow and the booth are small and cramped, not conducive for people watching, although if you go with a group of very close friends and they don't mind being cozy, it can be fun. Lots of people+small place=noisy, not good for a romantic date.
Bayous Riverside Restaurant San Antonio, TX
Food, good; ambience, excellent; service, abysmal. If you go to San Antonio, this is the place to visit, the riverside, but there are other restaurants beside the Bayou and you get the view of the river as well. I spent literally one hour for my food, the river view made it easier but come on! While I was there, I witnessed 2 incidents where waitpersons spilled food, and glasses and plates. After one hour and repeated queries to the staff, they forgot my order ! No matter how good the food is, I just don't think so.
Hunan Chinese Restaurant St. Paul, MN
Awful! but then I'm from San Francisco. First, I asked for a Steam Fish, a traditional Chinese fare. Waitress (not a Chinese) says, '24 hours advance notice required.' Well, looking at the menu, that's the only non-fake Chinese item. But it was late and I was hungry, so I order the easiest thing, which turned out to be a combo plate of beef, shrimp, brocoli, mushroom. Now, a GOOD Chinese restaurant does a fair job of this fake Chinese meal. HUNAN did it this way: The beef was on the tough side. The food was overwhelmed with too much sauce. The sauce itself was awful as if they are using stuff that's sitting on the backshelf way too long. Appetitizer: Hot&Sour soup: fair. EggRoll: awful, taste like frozen stuff from an old warehouse. True Chinese cuisine prides on things being FRESH. Please do me a favor, and go into a place where they have fish swiming in tanks, and point to the waiter which one in the tank would you like for dinner. It's usually not very expensive either !
Bangkok Bay Thai Cuisine Redwood City, CA
I am forever looking for bargains. While it's not expensive here, but a dinner entree+soup runs up to $15. I can do better. The portions are small, even for myself, a Chinese. Food is OK to good, ambience is OK but it doesn't tell me to stay for dessert to enjoy it.