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La Esperanza Cutler, CA
Wow, 11 years ago... how times have changed (except for La Esperanza). Now that I am back to cruising the countryside looking for awesome places to have lunch, I thought that it was time to revisit some old favorites. This is certainly one of them. Nothing has changed from my previous review except some of the diners look decidedly older (or is it me). Good food and excellent people. Highly recommended.
Fermin's Restaurant Sanger, CA
Fermin's Steakhouse is a study in paradox. Today, two decades after learning of Fermin's existence from a roadside sign on Manning Ave. I have decided to give the place a try. The experiences from my coworkers have been, well, mixed. Some have had a good time, others were more emphatically negative. In truth and in personal experience, this was the finest lunch I have ever eaten when I was the -only- diner in the restaurant during the noon hour. And I am not understanding why this should be so. The restaurant is clean, looks to have a well-stocked bar, decent menu items, prices were mostly reasonable. I was given the choice of bread and butter or chips and salsa for a pre-meal snack. The chips and salsa were up there with the best in town. Chicken kabob lunch plate was satisfyingly full of steamed veggies, pilaf and marinated chicken breast. With a dinner salad. At $8.95, this was a perfectly legit lunch. My server was clean and courteous and cute, and although the iced tea left somewhat to be desired it wasn't cause to boycott the restaurant either. Fermin's has had to shutter a fair sized portion of the original restaurant, probably due to famine times. It really would be a loss to lose it all together, because Fermin's is one-of-a-kind in Sanger and now I regret not coming sooner. That shall be amended.
Triangle Drive-In Fresno, CA
The Triangle Drive-in is the very essence of the type of place I love to eat at. It has been in business for over 50 years and it has that look and feel, although it is meticulously clean and well kept. There is a small indoor dining area (triangle-shaped, of course) and a good sized walk-up window outside. The menu is burgers: regular, jumbo and double jumbo, pastrami sandwiches, and interestingly enough tuna fish and egg salad sandwiches too. I wonder how many of those get sold, though. Fries are frozen crinkle-cut with a light dusting of salt. A jumbo burger, small fries and drink are $6. One can add chili for a dollar extra, but I didn't think it added much to the experience; I would have rather had an extra patty for the same price. Lots of dairy / shake / ice cream flavors offered. Contemporary music on the radio. I was just amazed at how well kept the property is, it being in not the very best real estate in Fresno. Good enough for nostalgia's sake on the Hwy 99 corridor of Fresno.
La Haciendita Sanger, CA
La Haciendita has moved from their tiny little space next to Sanger Hardware to the site previously occupied by Austin's Diner and a short-lived unfortunate effort in Southgate Plaza. Same menu, more space, cute servers and good food. Best table salsa in Sanger, fresh and satisfying. With Chapala's now defunct, there is less competition in town and I can see the Haciendita vying for first in Sanger.
The King\'s Diner Sanger, CA
The King's Diner is going through some growing pains. There are now too many diners to wait staff, and one now must allocate 90 minutes for lunch. I have seen several customers up and leave because of the wait. The food continued to be good, and the restaurant is spotless, but there needs to be better management of the servers and cook.
The King\'s Diner Sanger, CA
The King lives! The King\\\'s Diner, newest addition to the cuisine of Sanger, makes a fresh start of a location that has seen the comings and goings of several lesser occupants. The restaurant is meticulously clean; the walls festooned with old vinyl records and a photo of the owner himself in a pink Cadillac. A lifesize (really? the King must have been short) Elvis figure is in full swing, and the music on the jukebox is classic. Burgers and sandwiches are on the menu, and all of are generous proportions. My gods, the Big Bopper is a full pound (well, three 1/3 patties) of beef with all the trimmings. The Peggy Sue is the little burger, along with fries being enough to feed a farmworker a decent lunch. I do have some suggestions: I would like to see the Herb Alpert burger - with a fire roasted ortega chile and house made pickled onions, and my personal favorite, the Cadillac - jack cheese, onion ring and chili. The chili is very good, and (up until now) offered on a hefty hot dog or over fries. The front of the diner has seating for 20-30, but there are two back rooms that may be used for large parties. Since I first discovered the King\\\'s Diner, I have brought friends and colleagues and they have been suitably impressed. Long live the King! Big Five Stars!
J & L Restaurant & Lounge Sanger, CA
No longer exists. See The King\\\'s Diner for review
Sherwood Inn Sanger, CA
The Sherwood Inn is now the Old Schoolhouse Restaurant. with a clean new interior and better hours. Review to follow.
Chapala Mexican Restaurant Sanger, CA
Our recorrido of mexican restaurants of Sanger most likely ends with Chapala, which is in the Southgate shopping center on Academy. The restaurant is in remarkably good condition given that it is in a 40 year old strip mall; the decor is sparse but very clean. Service is prompt and friendly, the lunchtime dining room was a little over half full and servers kept weaving through the tables constantly. Salsa is fresh cut tomato, onion and cilantro but pretty mild. Fortunately a squeeze bottle of salsa roja is included. I opted for a chile colorado concha tostada, and it was served quickly; nice and hot. It seemed the lettuce was dressed with a little lemon juice, a nice touch. Beef was falling-apart tender in a mild red sauce. Prices are very reasonable and portions are generous. Overall a pleasant experience, especially with the friendly service.
Austin's Sanger, CA
No longer exists. Diner type restaurant that I always wanted to try and never did. Oh well.
Rosa Linda's Fresno, CA
This particular Rosa Linda's (there are three; one in Selma and another in Clovis) is a small restaurant in the corner of the Bullard West shopping center (aka strip mall). There is very nice patio dining available, but in the heat of the summer it is rarely used. The menu is limited to the standard mexican items; there doesn't seem to be a signature dish offered. The "Selma Special" is simply two steak tacos, decent enough but not wildly terrific. Shredded beef for tostadas and tacos had very little flavor. The salsa is more of a pico de gallo, pretty simple diced tomato, cilantro and jalapeno. Again, not a lot to get excited about but at least it is fresh. Mexican beers are $4 each but there is a good selection. At least for this visit, a very average experience.
Foster's Freeze Sanger, CA
I normally make a point to not review chain or franchised restaurants, but this particular Foster's is so small, old and, well, small and old that it might as well be independent. And it has survived the paving of Academy Ave and the incursions of newer fast-food places to the north. And I didn't want to wait in the 100+ degree heat for a Big Mama's or Chuck Wagon burger. As far as burgers go, the quality is goodish but the prices are bizarre. Why do managers think that putting a spoonful of chili on a burger or hot dog is worth an extra $1.50 or more? The big burger combo runs $8, which will get more food than one can deal with at other places in Sanger. Don't even look at the calorie counts, especially for the ice cream creations. The interior may be clean but it certainly is not in good repair, with worn flooring, peeling paint and faded posters. I am not quite sure how Foster's of Sanger will continue to survive, but I hope they can.
La Enchilada Michoacana Fresno, CA
In the tiny pueblo of Rolinda there is a tiny cafe that makes some of the finest Mexican this side of Juarez. There are no burgers or salads at La Enchilada. There are enchiladas. And tacos and burritos and a breakfast menu that looks smokin' good. Prices are in the $5 to $10 range, the cafe is very clean and the chips are homemade. I wish I had asked for a Modelo, that would have made lunch perfect. Very friendly people. Really good food.
Colima's Mexican Restaurant Sanger, CA
Clean shop, good sized portions for the money. Limited menu with seafood options. Chile verde seriously lacking in spice, salsa wasn't much ether but chips fresh. One server for 20 tables. Three stars worthy.
Sanchez Rib Master Sanger, CA
Does not exist anymore. Now it is Cobian's Taqueria (see review)
Sunnyside Deli Fresno, CA
I love Sunnyside deli! Now that I am back in the neighborhood again, I will stop in often. Sandwiches are big, fresh, and made with Boar's Head meats. Peppers and onions are mild, so get a cup of cherry peppers. There is a small selection of deli salads, and the tri-tip chili is off-the-planet good. Bottled drinks, including a few beers, and tabasco on every table.
La Haciendita Sanger, CA
La Haciendita is a little restaurant next to Academy Hardware. So far, it has proved to be the best Mexican in town. Fresh made salsa is pretty hard to beat, even if it is a little on the mild side. That is what the habanero sauce is for. Chile verde is tender and flavorful, portions are perfect. Popular with locals, may have a 5 - 10 minute wait for a table. Cash only. Good stuff!
Tea Garden Sanger, CA
If Toap Garden had Tea Garden's location, they would thrive. If Tea Garden had Toap Garden's location, they would wither. The food is very uninspired at Tea Garden, even the chili oil was bland. Portion size was not impressive either; I finished off an order of Special Chow Mein and was wondering if I could still qualify for the buffet. There is a buffet, though - something Toap Garden no longer does. But since it is a more visible location in better repair, Tea Garden does a better business. For my money, I would rather have Toap.
Alex's Drive In Sanger, CA
Is now Big Mama's (see review). Just a home on Jensen Avenue that has a walk-up burger window on the side.
Big Mama's Burgers Sanger, CA
Two things define a Big Mama's burger - service is slow, and burgers are dry. Prices are very reasonable, but the menu is limited and the quality is just not there. No indoor seating, but there is a shaded area with picnic tables. Basically a home with a burger stand built in.
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