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Rudys Mexican Restaurants of Santa Barbara Buellton, CA
Latest addition to a small chain of mexican restaurants with locations in Snata Barbara, Goleta, Carpinteria -- and now, Buellton. <br> website:rudysrestaurants.com <br> Advertises No Lard, No MSG, USDA Meats, food prepared daily. <br> Affordable tex-mex fare, with all entrees under $7. Burritos are a good size - approx 7 in x 4 in. and are served dry or wet (by request and additional charge). <br> Family fare, on par with any good mexican restaurant. good when you are on the road in the area. <br> recommended
Ginos Pizza Buellton, CA
Located across the street from Pea Soup Andersens, on Avenue of the Flags (street running parallel to 101 Fwy on West side of 101 Fwy bridge (away from Solvang) in Buellton. <br> Overpriced and overloaded with garlic. <br> Pizza here goes from $7.50 to $21.00 <br> thin, pan or thick crust available on request. <br> pizza slices in thin crust sold - these are good in size. mediocre in taste. <br> standard crust pizza is thicker and has way too much garlic. enough to make it virtually inedible, ny opinion. <br> stay away.
Shanghai Diamond Garden Los Angeles, CA
Good quality Chinese restaurant which actually has a separate sushi bar inside. <br> Located on 9401 West Pico Blvd - two blocks east of Beverly Drive. <br> Entrees are generally under $10, with even seafood items under $12.50 <br> Vegetarian dishes available.
O-Sho Restaurant Manhattan Beach, CA
Good quality sushi bar and Japanese restaurant in Manhattan Beach. Located on Sepulveda Blvd in a small strip mall on the west side (southbound side) of the street. Parking is close to impossible. Limited seating.
Enterprise Fish Company Santa Barbara, CA
Revisited: February 20, 2004. <br> <br> This restaurant is still packed and superb. Getting a little pricey, but still worth it. <br> Really excellent Seafood restaurant off the 101 Freeway in Santa Barbara. It's a little bit of a hassle getting off the 101 Freeway and getting to this restaurant, which is located on the ocean side of the 101 on State Street - but the hassle is definitely worth it. <br> Parking is good - but it is BEHIND the restaurant, and tricky to get to, but in its own fenced in area. Service is excellent. Separate Bar, Separate Oyster Bar/Sushi bar as well. Lobster, crab and steak dishes are excellent, and market priced. Sushi quality if good to very good by my rather picky standards. This place is an excellent place for power business lunches, and dinners with someone special. It has a casual but classy sports bar type appearance. A tad noisy at times, but fun and definitely a good place to take someone special. <br> High recommendation!
Great American Fish Co Morro Bay, CA
I returned to this restaurant, after several years, and was terribly disappointed. <br> Service was still very good, but they basically did a very lousy job on our order -- top of the menu: australian lobster tail and filet mignon. <br> Soup appetizer was the only thing done properly. Thick and hearty. <br> Lobster tail was done properly, but WARM, not hot. My medium well filet was cold and completely raw inside. Grill chef was too busy standing by the window grill, having fun with the staff instead of watching what he was doing. Rice pilaf was basically a southwestern type of rice dish, with green and red peppers and a salsa side and very poorly done instant rice. <br> Bread was stone cold and not too fresh. <br> I'm all for a work environment where people enjoy being with each other -- but when it comes down to the line, neither service nor cooking can be sacrificed. <br> Will give this one another try, but for right now, it is on my DO NOT VISIT list.
Margie's Diner-San Luis Obispo San Luis Obispo, CA
Very good classic burger type diner off Los Osos Valley Pkwy and the 101 Freeway. <br> Huge portions. Reasonable prices. Excellent service. Good breakfasts as well as lunch and dinner items. <br> Healthy? Not particularly -- but no hamburger diner out of the 1950s or early 1960s was ever known for health food. <br> The negative reviews are not warranted in my opinion. <br> This is a very good restaurant.
Mattei's Tavern Los Olivos, CA
Remodeled and back in business. A bit pricer, but still excellent in every way. <br> Open for dinner. Bar opens an hour ahead of the dining area. <br> Highly recommended.
Leo's Mexican Food Lawndale, CA
Revisited for 2003. <br> Prices have taken a tiny hop up. A la carte items run from $2.50 to 6.20, with many a la carte items under $3.00. Combination dinners run from $5.55 to $$13.05 with an average price of $8.65. <br> Specialties of the house: <br> Carne asada served with guacamole and tortillas $13.05. <br> Guisando Ranchero - a fajita style dinner (beef, checken, shrimp or combo of three) servers with tortillas, guacamole $13.05 <br> Halibut Al Horno - health consciously prepared halibut filet, baked in sauce and served with rice, salad, tortillas. $11.85 <br> Fish taco dinner $6.45 (1 taco) $10.00 (2 tacos) <br> Pollo a la parrilla - marinated, skinless, charbroiled chicken with herbs and spices, served with tortillas $11.25. <br> Open 11 AM to 10 PM 7 days/week.
Rasoee - Kitchen of India Northridge, CA
Interesting and authentic Indian restaurant nestled out of the way and off the street in the same mall as The Good Earth and LA Buffet. South side of street - Nordhoff St. and Shirley Ave. across Nordhoff from the Northridge Fashion Center Mall. <br> An affordable luncheon buffet is there, under $10. <br> Non-vegetarian and Vegetarian dishes on the menu. <br> All the standard Indian and Tandoori fare. Some dishes from Punjab. Some interesting and good items: <br> Several different types of Naan (unleavened bread). <br> Murg Tikka - boneless chicken marinated in yogurt and spices. $10.50 <br> Kathi Kabob - grilled chicken or lamb wrappen in Naan with grilled onions. $10.50 <br> Lobster Masala - (market price) <br> Mahi Tandoori - Mahi-Mahi fish fillet marinated in spices and yogurt and tandoor roasted. $13.50 <br> Channa Masala - cooked garbanzo beans in spices.
Weiler's Deli Canoga Park, CA
One of the almost forgotten locations for this small chain of Delis. <br> Acceptable quality is found at this small chain of Jewish Delicatessens in the Valley. <br> North Hills restaurant location HAS MOVED from its former location at 16150 Nordhoff Street at Woodley Avenue to the ALBERTSONS Shopping Center, across from the TARGET store, at Nordhoff Street and Balboa Blvd in Northridge. <br> The new location is cleaner, more modern and nicely appointed, and located in the same shopping center complex that LAS HADAS Mexican restaurant is in. <br> Good but nothing special.
Weiler's Warner Square Deli Canoga Park, CA
Acceptable quality is found at this small chain of Jewish Delicatessens in the Valley, with other locations in Canoga Park, Northridge. <br> The Warner Center location is on Victory, due east of Canoga Ave on the north side of the street in a small, dark wood strip mall that appears to be out of the 1960s or early 1970s. <br> The North Hills location for Weiler's HAS MOVED from its former location at 16150 Nordhoff Street at Woodley Avenue to the ALBERTSONS Shopping Center, across from the TARGET store, at Nordhoff Street and Balboa Blvd. <br> Other location on Sherman Way. <br> Good but nothing special.
Kalico Kitchen Marion, AL
Horrible food. Chicken, Pizza and something that attempts to pass itself off as pizza. Everything is horribly overgreased, even for the South. The pizza itself tends to feature extremely low quality pepperoni and sausage. As a matter of fact, we were not completely sure about the source of the meats we were eating (dog, cat, etc). Chicken tends to either be undercooked or overcooked.
Gateway Dinner Club Marion, AL
Acceptable food, but nothing special. The only steak in town that we know about. Menu features burgers, steaks, shrimp, as well as southern specialties like hush puppies. Service is good, and the food is good for the area -- but nothing special when you compare it to food in any other state you might go to.
El Ranchero Selma, AL
A shade above one star. Service is OK but the food leaves a lot to be desired from the standopoint of real Mexican food. Refried beans, for examples, tasted like baked beans. Seasoning is wrong on the food.
Putah Creek Cafe Winters, CA
Really disgusting food. This places is a "diner wannabe". Burgers are seldom cooked as ordered if cooked at all (tend to be undercooked). Service is provided predominantly by disgruntled and probably underpaid Winters High School Students. Buns on burgers are reminiscent of cha shu bao dough. I like cha shu bao, but the dough does not belong on a burger. Burgers are the "best" item there. Advise not to buy any dessert items like pies.
China Olive Northridge, CA
This is another single price buffet, similar to L.A. Buffet, California Buffet, etc. only the quality of the food is just a shade better. Decent bang for your buck with a single price buffet for around $8.00. Quality is good, but not great. This is a decent, inexpensive place to go for lunch or a quick dinner, and a decent family place if you have kids. Not terrific, but not bad at all.
Chin Chin Marina Del Rey, CA
Good, and relatively healthy bistro type Chinese food at acceptable prices. This is a popular chain of healthy Chinese restaurants. Chin-Chin translates as: To Your Health. The owner took pains to make this an MSG Free restaurant. Food is prepared near the bar type seating area, but there are also plenty of tables and booths. Herbal Mango Iced Tea is good. Steamed brown and white rice available. Chow Mein and Lo Mein is acceptable, but nothing special. Dim Sum specialties like pot stickers, har gow, and shu mai, cha shu bao, are excellent, and many dim sum items (like the pot stickers) are offered steamed or fried. Really good place for a peaceful quick bite. My one recommendation across all of Chin-Chins restaurants is that the chefs often do not cook steamed items long enough. Har gow and steamed pot stickers - especially those dishes with shrimp -- need to be steamed longer than they sometimes are steamed when the restaurant gets busy. I often find that I have to send any steamed shrimp based dishes back for more thorough cooking. The staff is very good about this, though.
Buca Di Beppo Universal City, CA
One example in a growing national chain of Noisy, casual family restaurants. Separate bar. Predominantly Southern Italian and Sicilian Cuisine. Very east coast Italian in style, ambience and decor. Almost an Italian version of TGI Fridays with an interior decorator who has gone crazier. Buca Di Beppo translates as "Big Joe's (Beppo) Basement". The first restaurant was apparently started in the basement of Beppo's home. This is a restaurant which has traditional Italian Cuisine. Food is served in HUGE portions, family style, and intended for sharing. Each entree is expensive: $15.00 to $30.00 with an average cost of $24.00. Again, the idea is akin to a Chinese restaurant, in those portions are so large that no normal human individual could eat them. You buy an entree and share it with the others. This in turn means that Buca Di Beppo is really mostly a restaurant optimally affordable by parties, families and groups, as opposed to just a single person or a couple visiting. Chicken Saltimbocca, for example, has three breasts of chicken with prosciutto, capers and sauce. It runs about $24. If three people share this very good entree; it works out to an affordable $8 per person. Pizza is decidedly mediocre. It comes served on a long plank like rectangular platter, and is akin to very thin and weird Wolfgang Puck type pizza. Not worth it. However, traditionally, three people will choose two to three separate items -- so the price tag is apt to be substantially higher. Rule of thumb: Remember that portions are very large. Take the total number of people in your party and subtract one or two from that number to determine the number of entrees you'll need to order. - If you're going here with two or three people, order only one or two items at most. - If you're going here with a party of four or five, order two or three items. - If you're going here with a party of six or seven, order four to six items. There ought to be plenty of food without breaking the bank. website: www.bucadibeppo.com Monday - Thursday: 5 p.m. - 10 p.m. Friday: 5 p.m. - 11 p.m. Saturday: 4 p.m. - 11 p.m. Sunday: NOON - 10 p.m. This Buca Di Beppo is located on the Universal City CityWalk. Another Buca Di Beppo is located on Ventura Blvd at Encino Ave - about 6 blocks due west of Balboa and Ventura, and three blocks due west of the Encino Town & Country Mall. Website has other locations. Overrated. OK but not really great food. Service is generally outstanding. Recommended, but not highly recommended. Best with parties of three or more and pre-planned idea of how many entrees you will order.
Backwoods Inn Canyon Country, CA
Interesting small restaurant in Canyon Country. Bascially a throwback to the surf and turf places of the 1970s - (such as Charley Browns, etc) with a decor filled with 1920s era and Old California antiques. Wooden booths. sawdust floors. subdued lighting. <br> Good steaks. Good burgers as well, but the steaks are the primary forte here.
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