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Rusty Pelican Newport Beach, CA
Valet only parking. This restaurant is a remnant of a chain of restaurants which were very popular during the late 1980s. Service is very good. Food is a bit pricey, with entrees approaching an average of $25 more than $20. Portions are good, but not great.
Chart House Newport Beach, CA
Another remnant of a chain of formerly numerous restaurants. Valet only parking. Service is just OK. Food is a bit pricey, just as Joe's Crab Shack and Rusty Pelican (both located next door) are pricey.
Parasol Restaurant Seal Beach, CA
Remnant of an old 1950s-1960s era small chain of coffee shop restaurants. Nothing special here at all.
El Rancho Restaurant & Cocktail Lounge Beaumont, CA
This is basically an old coffee shop with a separate bar area. There are a few interesting differences on the menu, but nothing special.
Anchos Southwest Grill and Bar Riverside, CA
Revisited March, 2005. Still terrific. It has been around since 1989. Conejo (rabbit) dishes are gone from the menu, but the fajitas and flour tortillas are still excellent, and service is excellent. Salsa is still terrific with a hint of sweet ancho chiles. Beans have not improved, but but the rest of the menu is still very, very good. <br> Recommended.
Eagles Landing Restaurant June Lake, CA
Pricey and disappointing small restaurant in the June Lake Loop. Service is just OK. Portions just OK. Food is Just OK, and pricey.
Steelhead Micro Brewery Irvine, CA
Very good microbrewery, but average as a restaurant. For those not into alcohol, they have good brewed root beer -- but when it hits near the end of the keg, it is very, very flat tasting.
Crab Cooker Newport Beach, CA
Interesting Manhattan (red) clam chowder here, but it is a bit pricey for chowder, and lunch portions come in diminuitive portions. Seafood is just average. Parking in the area is close to impossible, like everywhere else around this area. Good service, but portions really should be larger. Aside from the chowder, there is nothing here that is really terrific.
Seafood Paradise Westminster, CA
Terrific value in Chinese Dim Sum and Seafood. The place looks like a dive, but food and service are excellent. Located in a shopping mall on Westminster Blvd a few blocks south of Beach Blvd. Dim Sum dishes are predominantly under $5. Good selection that is close to par with Sea Empress restaurant in Gardena or the Empress Pavilion in Los Angeles Chinatown. Highly recommended.
Jack Shrimp Restaurant Irvine, CA
Pricey and upscale Cajun type shrimp bistro in a very busy restaurant and theater and office complex on Michelson Drive due south of Culver Drive. Food is good but not terrific. Portions are average to small, but service is generally excellent in this small bar and restaurant. Parking can be a pain in the rear as the complex has chosen to try to squeeze money out of people by doing more valet parking.
Outback Steakhouse Irvine, CA
Good food here from this example of a growing chain of steakhouses. Most people are probably familiar with Outback. They are all over the USA now. Noisy. Casual. Good portions.
Goro Japanese Restaurant Irvine, CA
Good quality Japanese food at a fair price. Goro is a small Japanese restaurant located next to the Big 5 Sporting Goods and the Albertsons Market in a shopping center on Alton Parkway and Culver. <br> Recommended.
Prego Ristorante Irvine, CA
Pricey, upscale Italian food with portions larger than Wolfgang Puck but similarly presented. This Prego is located in the office building complex at Von Karman Avenue and Michelson Drive.
Sam Woo Seafood Restaurant Irvine, CA
One of the largest and nicest Sam Woo restaurants in the chain that has locations in Irvine, Costa Mesa -- stretching out to Las Vegas Nevada. Like many of the other Sam Woos, this one is located near a Ranch 99 Asian Supermarket. <br> Unlike the other Sam Woos, they have THREE large sections. One for take out. One for sit down very casual fast food dining in, and an additional upscale sit down dining area. <br> There are better Dim Sum experiences in Westminster, but this is a nice safe upscale place for lunch, brunch or dinner.
China-West Restaurant Irvine, CA
Just average Chinese restaurant located in the Ralphs Shopping Center on Harvard and Main Street in Irvine. Service is good, and they make clever decorations out of fruit, but this is just an OK restaurant. Nothing special here.
Joes Crab Shack Newport Beach, CA
Loud, bustling, noisy environment with good, but not spectacular seafood. A tad pricey. Parking is very limited -- you need to pay for valet. Service good and portions good.
Chinet Chinese Restaurant Irvine, CA
This restaurant is CHINEZ (shin-nez), not Chinet. <br> Located in Westpark Plaza near the Albertsons Market. Average quality Chinese food at a $9 to $12 average price point for an entree. Signature dishes are Peking Style Pork Loin, Triple Gathering (aka Three Flavors Taste).
Hofs Hut Crossroads Irvine, CA
This is a Southern CA chain of restaurants with 11 locations stretching from Long Beach to Orange. It has been around since 1951. The menu is an odd cross between a Marie Callenders and a Cocos or Bakers Square. <br> Burgers are not bad here, but the rotisserie turkey was a major disappointment.
Champions-American Sports Bar Irvine, CA
Just average chain of sports bars. This one is located inside the hotel on Von Karman at Michelson - just due south of the airport. <br> Nothing special here.
The Olive Garden Irvine, CA
Standard fare from this Irvine example of a well known chain of italian restaurants. Service is eager and good. Food is good but nothing to write home about.
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